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Captain Reo

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Personal Information

God knows where, somewhere in the countryside I guess.
Date of Birth
About me

I am an honest, scruffy (kinda), hardworking lad who enjoys roleplaying from time to time and just sitting around and hanging out with me mates. I like to try and be friends with everyone so, I hope we can get along alright.

Name: Reo, Nicholas B. CAPTAIN
Rank: 1st Ground Captain/Communications Systems Operator/Maintainer
ID: LIR35794-

Career: First registration 14 years of age:
>//Completion at officer course:
>//>//Armaments Service Light Ground Infantry "Tactician"
>//>//>//Commander; S-6 Signal Support Systems Operator/Maintainer

Registered Domicile: Non-managment 97th world:
>//Ulster, Ireland

Present address:
Midchilda, Fort Atkins 3-104 HHB-MECHFA Member dormitory

>//Midchilda Wizard Rank Ground-AA+/Light Tactician/
Drill Instructor/Tactical Adviser/Commander of Section

Device: Bris (Intelligence/Rifle)

Present belonging: Headquarters Hotel Battery:
>//3-104 Battalion, S-6


Date of Birth: 04June1990
Hair Clour: Blonde
Eye Color: Frost Blue
Occupation: Instructor
Race: Human/Caucasian/White
Device Form:
>//>// Rifle/Lee-Enfield

Barrier Jacket: (>//see attached//<)

Limiter(s): None

Hobbies: N/A

Signed: Nicholas B. Reo


Member for
11 years 29 weeks