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The Legend of the Sword of the Day and the Sword of the Night (Translated Novel)

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yes yes! thanks for the update ;P i'll be looking forward to ch 2/27 ;P hee. man, i wish i learned spanish....aahhh


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Where can I find the raw for this? (Spanish being my first language I read better in it -.-) Also from what I read was really well done. I'm actually liking this whole evilish Nanoha thing.

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Here's the original version of the fic in Spanish:

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I think I'll read it with Google translate.

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Thank you. :)

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Plz continue soon. :) I seriously want to know what happens next (not very good with Spanish sadly unlike some people)

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Chapter 2 .- midnight visits

After those battles were offered a great feast in the hall of the Marquis, as he had reason to celebrate her two sons had been accepted into the Royal Guard, the king had been pleasantly pleased with the show that both brothers had offered and acknowledged and their talents. On large skewers erected in the courtyard were roasted in the heat of the flames several deer, black beer and mulled wine typical of the north ran among the guests sacándoles body cold and tipsy more than one. Nanoha looked around leaning against one wall of the room, not far from the king, listening to anyone who approached him, but from time to time his eyes wandered the room to give the young blonde who had made that morning surprise , but was careful to let her take notice.

It was evident that the daughter of the marquis had trained the same person that she, someone out of the abyss. Arf, he thought, would it? And if so, where was he now? Obviously not in that castle. He wondered why Fate Testarossa know about his former teacher, if it would have spoken of his life before coming to those lands, what was done and before leaving the earth, if you have told some of the Brotherhood and its precepts, if he had ever mentioned the name of his last disciples. He shook his head at the moment are questions whose answers should be expected. He looked back at the crimson-eyed woman, seemed to have more fun in the company of soldiers with the other nobles, drank and chatted with them as if one more.

"Camaraderie, I guess," he muttered to himself. She did not understand much about these things, to spend time with others in a friendly way, to strengthen ties, because since childhood he had been taught to distrust everything and everyone in your skin could still be the scars that marked him those lessons, but occasionally, in the silence of the night, in the solitude of the darkness that had been imposed in the shadows where he lived was envious of those who reported having friends who could tell, people I trusted blindly. Feelings buried in the depths of his heart, burdened with a thousand chains and hidden behind the top of the wall, he could not afford such emotions or blinded by the bright light of those lands belonged to the dark and it was there where he should stay. His life was his mission and nothing else. And then, why do I sometimes doubt it arose?, As now when I looked at that group of people with the marquis's daughter seemed to enjoy both.

"It's strange to see someone paying attention to than the king," said an amused voice beside him.

"I do not know what you are pulling, Chief Yagami.

"Um, are you sure? -Let out a soft laugh. Anyway, I guess that should not be able to overcome the surprise this morning over what you leave see.

- Surprised? Why should I? It was just luck, nothing more.

"It's true what they say that there is so blind as those who will not see.

- You need me for something, chief? He asked abruptly.

- What if we can not cackle? "A mischievous smile danced on his lips.

"I have no friends, what have you forgotten?

"Of course not, if you take the trouble to make that very clear.

"Then why do you keep insisting? She turned to her and stared hard. He smiled sideways to see how the bold counselor unconsciously stepped back a step.

"Ah, there you are, Hayate.

The older sister of the minister approached them like a coincidence, but Nanoha knew that he had been watching all the time, no, the captain of the Royal Guard was not confident at all and no doubt it was the best could do.

"Signum ...

"I was looking for, Prince wants to talk.

"How convenient," said Nanoha.

- Do you have any problem with it?

"None, my lady captain. If you'll excuse me, "he said and left, did not want problems with Signum, it was true that the gentleman had never defeated in single combat, but for now was considered an ally.

"Hayate, prefer to leave it," said the pelirrosa when Nanoha was out of earshot.

- What? Asked the youngest of the sisters innocent tone.

Exasperated at Takamachi, when you least expect will end with your patience and will kill you and I will have revenge and probably die in the attempt, and who will care then Shamal, Vita and Rein?

"You're thinking that you are unable to defeat, was not a question and the smile was gone from his lips, did not like Signum joke about things like that.

"I've proven enough times to be sure. This morning I was surprised that Testarossa got reach, while the fight is a draw.

"Yes, I too am surprised. What do you think of Lady Fate?

"That is a very skilled warrior will be a great sword to the Guard. Although I have the feeling that life at court is not comfortable. Seems to avoid social events and politics and for someone of his status and position those are things you can not ignore.

"I agree with you. But I think her days at the palace will become more interesting, the mischievous smile returned to his lips.

"When you talk like that frighten me," smiled his sister.

"Well, I promise I will try to annoy least Nanoha. What if we go with the others?

Both came back with the group of noblemen and gentlemen who were talking animatedly about the prince.

The celebration went on until late at night, Nanoha accompanied the king until he and his wife retired to their rooms to sleep after midnight. With most of the guests leaving and to bed, the silence grew around the castle, only a few soldiers were still standing, but soon the Chamberlain threw them in the hall of honor without any courtesy, the redhead was in the courtyard and watched them go through the laughter and unsteady steps toward the shed where the troops spent the night or maybe, he thought, would fall to the town looking for girls or boys who will warm the bed, had been many times that sort of thing when traveling in the company of soldiers. He huddled in his black cape and back inside the castle, walked through the halls of stone, the night was his time, when I came to feel almost at home ... He smiled bitterly, thinking into the abyss as their home was definitely twisted but certainly ten years living there would be enough to make you think that, although warm and rather sweet home had nothing.

He stopped in the shadows to see someone a little later in that corridor, it was Fate, she should be returning to his quarters, the flames of the few torches burning in the golden glare loggers tore his long hair, his step was relaxed and unhurried, sure, because that was his home and had nothing to fear. The people were very confident when he was at home, not expecting anything bad could happen there, protected and safe behind the walls of stone and the swords of their guardians. No, Nanoha said, in the depths had never felt safe, his dream was never quiet and always there were hurried footsteps and alert, not knowing where or who could come the next attack.

The vision of Fate brought back Arf questions, if anyone could give any answer was that young. Without much thought, came after her, keeping a distance and moving in absolute silence. He followed her to the door of his chambers, waited there a few minutes before turning around and find another way to get into them, he seemed to remember they had a balcony that opened to the north wall probably would be easy to scale, as blocks of stone of the castle were rugged and full of cracks that the time had been leaving them where you could grab.

As previously thought, climb that wall was easy, but had to leave the layer in the soil and it was bitterly cold that night, clear sky, when it came to the balcony had red hands and fingers numb, so I put them under your armpits to warm them, while studying the large window overlooking the shadowy room, probably the blonde would already be lying. It was fortunate that the wooden shutters were open, it will certainly avoid making noise. Put a hand on the handle of the window, he gave up without resistance. Nanoha shook her head, that people were over-confident. He entered the room, her eyes accustomed to darkness then gave an idea of the arrangement of furniture and their ears caught the breath of the woman who slept in bed sleeping or did, rather.

"I know you're awake, so you need not pretend Nanoha said.

"So we should not beat around the bush, what are you doing in my room colándote at this hour?

Nanoha saw her get up and get out of bed in his hand could see the shape of a dagger, however, maintained the distance that separated them.

- How did you know I was here? I thought not making any noise.

"The questions you should do me, but I will say that it was the cold air flow you entered when you opened the window. I had not yet slept and feel the wind I thought I had left the window open, when I turned to look at is when I saw you enter.

"I see ... An oversight on my part.

"Now tell me, what the hell are you doing here? Did you come looking for revenge.

He had to admit that this girl was one of the few people who dared to face it that way, without apparent fear and for some reason, that defiant attitude was beginning to enjoy.

"This morning I asked for the name of my teacher. Judging by your reaction, you wanted to ask more questions, I also want to ask you some respect. So here I am.

Fate was silent for a few seconds, I could imagine the expression confused right now should have his face. The move was, for a moment his body tensed expecting an attack, but soon realized that what the blonde was doing was turning an oil lamp, he heard the sound of stone against metal and then spark and dancing light dimly lit room.

"Gods, could not you have waited until tomorrow? "Fate sat on the edge of her bed and watched, had left the knife in the chest. Not very civilized surprise people in their rooms in the middle of the night.

"I suppose not," noting that the marquis's daughter wearing only a thin linen shirt to sleep.

- Do you suppose ...? "He snorted. You know, someone might get the wrong idea and attack before asking.

"You forget who you're talking about.

- Have you offended? "A smile formed on his lips.


"I see no.

"Well," Nanoha sighed, "let the conversation that leads nowhere and tell me what happened to Arf?

He saw a shadow crossed his eyes for a moment crimson fists clenched Fate. He did not need to respond.

"She's dead," said the blonde nodded. How did it happen?

"It was two years ago, during a battle, fought under the royal standard Valkadan against the Rebels in Grey Coast. I do not know exactly how it happened, when I realized, Arf had fallen from his horse. At first I thought she had been hurt, but when he did not get up ... "He lowered his gaze. When I reached his side, it was too late, an arrow pierced his neck, his hands trembled, no doubt rage and pain as he remembered the scene.

- A shot? What color was the shaft and the plume? Remember?

"I could never forget, was a completely black arrow from the tip to the feathers and metallic. I had never seen one like I have not seen since.

"The Arrow of Judgement Nanoha faded. Is that possible? Should be, was the only explanation I had.

- What? Do you know something about that shot? How Arf why he died?

Fate looked at her pleadingly, it was clear that his former teacher had been someone important to the young, perhaps more than it was for her.

"It's something of the Brotherhood, he should ...

"Tell me, please, I need to know," the girl had stood up and approached her.

- Why?

"Because I know that Arf was a great warrior, much better than anything I've known and still I do not understand how he fell in that battle.

"You're right. Arf was one of the best, never would have died by the hand of one of these lands. It was the Brotherhood that ended his life.

- "The Brotherhood? Are you referring to the Ravens in the East?

"So call us, yes.

- Why kill one of yours?

"I do not know," Nanoha looked away from her and left her to wander past the window at the starry night. When Arf was still my teacher, left the earth, vanished without a trace, without saying a word to anyone, just a week was not presented to us, his disciples. For a while I thought I had ordered a mission, but when several Grand Master asked about it, he forbade us to pronounce his name again. It was then I realized that what he had been a betrayal, which had been left behind the Brotherhood. And there is only one punishment for traitors, death.

Do not understand why I was telling everything to Fate, is not that I could, but had no reason for it, however it had not been able to ignore the appeal of his eyes shadowed by the death of memory.

"The Arrow of Judgement is the weapon used to execute the sentence. I suppose the executioner took the confusion of the battle to take place.

- What kind of people are you? Fate asked faintly, sitting back in bed.

"We are of those we fear, cold and cruel. This is what we are taught to be since we are children. Although, looked at her for a few seconds was about to put a hand on his shoulder, then stopped and ended up sitting next to him I also regret the death of Arf, was the closest person I had in my days in Los abysses, taught me almost everything I know and still cherish some of his words. I wonder why they leave. Do you ever say anything?

"No, did not talk much about his past and never mentioned anything about a Brotherhood or that place ... The Abyss. He used to say that there were things he preferred not to remember and I never insisted on it.

"And I taught them to fight as we do in my country.

"Yes," nodded.

"Although I doubt that you use the same methods at home," smiled sideways. Of course you never said you should not rely on others or that you only care if it. If not because you know your maximum, you would start to doubt that they were the same Arf.

"Looks like you've had a hard life.

"You have no idea how-he looked into her eyes, there was warmth in them now, something he tried to ignore, not to let it affect him, but those attracted his eye rubies with hardly could stop. Why this girl aroused his curiosity?, I thought it was because of Arf, but began to be aware that it was just that. Never before had spoken over the abyss with someone other than the king or the prince, much less so openly. What was happening to her? The truth is that had not even stopped to think when he decided to follow him there and know something about her former teacher now seemed just an excuse, which, as Fate had said it could have waited until the day next.

"You know, you were right," said Fate removing it from his thoughts.

- What?

"In every shot that I had in the battle was really hurting" he rubbed his arm where his sword had been reached. You have more power than you appear.

"I warned you," she smiled. Although yours is not tickle me. I have left a good bruise on the side.

"If you want, I have an ointment which is good for those things, is prepared by the herbalist in the village. To me I immediately relieves the pain. Let me see ... "He rose and rummaged in a drawer of the dresser. Here it is, sat down beside her and handed her a jar of mud. You can have it, I have another.

-Gra ... thanks.

"You're welcome.

Suddenly, Fate began to laugh, looked strangely not understand where was the joke.

- What's so funny?

"I was thinking about that this morning you would not recognize my ability and right now you say that my shots were good," she said, still laughing.

"I did not say that, could not avoid becoming defensive.

"Yes you did. Come on, do not deny it. Why are you so upset recognize it?

"Because ... I'm used to always win.

"I see that modesty is not one of your strong," joked Fate.

"I have it so. I am very good with the sword and other sorts of weapons, why should he deny the truth.

"Well, I guess you're right, but I would say that today you should know what you got difficult.

"You have been an interesting challenge ..., yes I can say.

"Haha, okay, I'll settle with that for the moment. Tell me, nobody has really beat you up now.

"Nobody in this land. In my country, if he had not won the majority of my fighting and would not be alive.

- Are you serious?

"Yes. In The Depths not played with blunt weapons, had no friendly tournaments where after you shake hands with your opponent and you help him up. There struggles betting all you have, your life.

"This place you speak of ...

"No, I will not say anything more about it," he interrupted sharply if things went well end up telling him that for now preferred to keeping in their memory.

For a long minute, neither said anything until Fate broke the silence.

I do not understand. You always cold and distant samples, but until just now I felt as if talking to a friend.

An alarm sounded in Nanoha's head and stood up like a spring away from Fate, who looked puzzled.

"I have no friends," he said as he had said that evening with the minister of the king. Neither do I need.

"You just depends on one hand that once was a friend may turn on which snatches life," he recalled in his mind the words of the Great Master, those ten years will repeat again and again and whose certainty never doubted he had found too often the cruel truth that confined them.

"I ..." Fate stood up and approached her, "I do not understand.

- Why you want to?

I do not know.

For a moment he stood looking at one to the other, Nanoha knew I had to look away as soon as possible, but could not, his eyes drawn to the bottom of Fate, she knew that if he so hopelessly lost them.

"No ..." she managed Musti.

- Do not what? Fate asked.

"I need that neither you nor anyone else understands me, took a step backward, away from her and walking to the window. I am what I am, one with the shadows, one night, one with darkness. I am the one who cares for me.

He dropped the jar of ointment to the ground where it broke into several pieces, and without giving time to say anything Fate left his room where he had been a shade that blends with the shadows of the night. Do not look back and when his feet touched the ground after descending the wall, grabbed his coat and walked out of there as fast as he could. A blinding light was too bright for a moment their eyes accustomed to darkness, he should not let something like that happen again, but was unable to erase the memory of that crimson eyes of his mind.

Fate still watching the window open that Nanoha had disappeared so quickly, certainly did not understand this woman, for a moment the menacing aura that used to wrap was gone and the gap between them had become almost nonexistent, speaking as if they were starting to became friends. However, Nanoha had been frightened by something, she knew, she saw in his eyes, was afraid to go with some kind of feeling that his teachings had forbidden him to have.

He took a step to close the window and his feet trod delcazos jar fragments had given him. He stooped to pick it up with a sad smile on his face, he had only wanted to help, why say things like that that she only cared about herself? "Do not let anyone near him," recalled the words of Hayate on the redhead. And then there was little that was counting on that place called The Abyss, a site must be terrible if he had just made people suspicious of everyone. Really Arf came from the same site that Nanoha? He could scarcely believe it, but deep down I knew it was true, but something had changed her teacher and her nature and face the world did too. His hand stopped in the air, recalling words that Arf said on one occasion.

- People are fascinating.

- What do you mean? - I had asked then.

- They really are the people that make change other people, that's what I see fascinating, one can witness horrible things, but did not realize until someone else opens your eyes, even unconsciously, that's when change occurs. Well, you always have to be some willingness to change, but it is what I believe, that a person can change another.

Would it have gone well with Arf, someone would have opened my eyes to the reality that could not or want to see? Would I have to do with something that happened during his days in The Abyss? He shook his head arose and there was no point asking questions whose answers could never know. He left the pieces of broken pot on a table and closed the window. The waning moon still cast enough light in the sky, his eyes looked for a while, cold and distant as Nanoha, but perhaps waiting for someone to give him some heat, to show him that being alone was not good, that could trust each other. Leaned her forehead against the cool glass.

- Why am I concerned? -Faded. She has made clear, does not want anything from anyone ...

And then, why was thinking the small flash he had seen shining in the back of his blue eyes?, Reflecting perhaps the fervent hope that someone finally got to approach it.

During a cloudless bright afternoon Yuno Fate and rode through the woods that opened after Parmor castle, she had agreed to accompany the prince after he repeatedly requested it, apparently had heard inside the forest was a beautiful waterfall and wanted to see. Accompanied by two of the royal knights, who were a few feet back, advancing young people involved in the silence of the winter forest, broken occasionally by a few casual words.

The roar of the falls and warned them that they were not far away, after a few meters enter narrow path boxed trees and ferns, came to a clearing where the water was rushing into a long ponytail to a crystal clear lagoon. Yuno let out a gasp.

"It's really beautiful," he said.

"In spring more impressed with all the melt water down the river," said Fate as he dismounted.

"I must make another visit then," said the young Prince imitation.

They tied the horses to the low branch of a tree, the men stayed with the animals, chatting among themselves. Yuno Fate led to the edge of the lagoon, near the waterfall, as if they approached too would end up soaked.

"From small Chrono and I came to bathe here with other children of the castle and the town. You see that rock over there? He pointed to a tall stone that rose several feet above the water, the surface was flat.


"We used to jump from it.

"You were quite daring," he smiled.

-O unconscious. When our parents found out, did not allow us back here in a long season.

They sat on a fallen log and watched for a while just the waterfall, almost hypnotized by the steady fall of water.

- I can ask a question, Juno? -Felt her cheeks blushed slightly.

"Of course, nodded.

"That woman, Nanoha, is it true that he has no friend in court?

"Sadly, yes. Many of us trying to make friends with her, but has never let anyone near him. Most just end up surrendering to the coldness with which he often treated worldwide. The truth is that Hayate and I just keep trying.

- Do you know why such a hard time trusting people?

He due to the type of life he has had. Not that I've told a lot, "said the young man before the eyes more than curious that he began," but they told me occasionally, his childhood was not easy, it appears that from very small educated in a place where trust in the partners was not exactly what they taught. I went there every day are struggling to survive alone.

"Hm ..." Fate thought of how little one's Nanoha had told him about the Brotherhood and The Abyss, Yuno should be right.

"Tell me, why do you know of Nanoha? It seems that you might have a personal interest in it.

"Not that," was quick to deny, his cheeks flushed a little. It's just ... It's just that I wanted to try to understand a little better way of being. I find it hard to imagine anyone unable to rely on another person or even of not wanting a single friend.

I do not think that is entirely well-Yuno denied. It is true that in the five years since the palace has not initiated a single friendship, always repeating that the helping hand that you can return at any time against you, but deep down I feel she sometimes wants to try to stop someone comes close. On occasion I have been looking at the palace knights and soldiers when they are resting and talking animatedly among themselves and having fun and I believed that he envied see ... Maybe it was just my imagination, because it has always maintained distance.

"You ... In any case, it is a complicated person," sighed Fate.

"It seems, yes.

"Well, we should return, soon will start to get dark and much colder as the sun goes down.

"Okay, I follow.

Back at the castle, Nanoha Fate kept thinking, the redhead had not spoken to her since the night he went into his room and sometimes gave the impression that the avoided on purpose, however much they tried to get her out of her mind She insisted on returning, I really wanted to understand their way of being, but did not understand the why of it, someone as cold, aloof and arrogant certainly did not deserve much attention and concern, but each time they met in the same room, could not avoid looking at her and wanting to surprise that gleam back wistfully at the bottom of his eyes of steel.

The days pass quietly in Parmor Castle, the royal party could rest in peace and ward off the cold winter rain that washed the region those days. And although there was not much that distraction, always getting the Marquis organize something to keep your guests entertained, moreover, there were plenty of lesser lords visits to the area brought with them to musicians, comedians or bards, who during long nights filled with melodies and voices the hall of honor.

Fate was sitting in one of the long benches around the home, staring into the dancing flames, hearing the beautiful voice of the poet who, along with the beating of his lyre, popped The Story of Al-Terur , a mythic cycle focused on the journeys of the hero of North Sunken Lands, to the young woman had caught such a choice by the artist, because that was a dark story in which the hero was falling deeper and deeper into despair and was not towards the end, as she was to find a spark of hope. Al-Terur began a long journey in search of hidden truth, a knowledge that they were not allowed to mortals, but the hero was brave and bold and the law of the gods was disturbed, I wanted to get stronger and gain more knowledge and knew that embarking on such an adventure would get both, then it would be really powerful and can bring peace and justice all over the world. But Al-Terur soon discovered that to achieve its objective, must sacrifice their own ideals before, since in many cases had to put his sword in the service of either nation into war, even cruel people obey that could bring him closer to his goal .

Fate leaned forward unconsciously in the bank, as now reached one of the passages he liked, when an Al-Terur the brink of darkness and the surrender was getting back to his feet and face their shadows and ghosts, all thanks to the arrival of Eriel, a brave warrior to whom life had taken many blows but not let down. Eriel proffered his hand to the fallen hero and together continuing the adventure.

The bard's voice became deeper and masterfully desagarrada and beat the favorite verses of Fate.

" enclosed in glass walls
soul torn by shrapnel and metal ice
cries at night because he did not know what to retain
and want to believe that fate will bring even
the comfort that your heart desires.
Waits in the shadows under the lights
waiting for the dawn
black and fall when cooler
that hangs over him.
Dead heart beats,
sudden breath of life.
In torrents from her eyes
tears of blood
Crawling nonsense
by steep passages,
abraded skin
by the sharp rock
of his hidden feelings.
Voiceless Cries
curse the hour when the world came
Rather than curse the clawed their way.
Chained to the dark
hates what light
in his eyes shows
treacherous reality
Trapped in the prison
where the frayed threads of her spirit
you are trapped and drown him
string and it will sink
in a deep sea
dead and cold.
Brokedown Palace
of a life that was better
a time when all was lost.
If only a moment ...
if only for a moment time stood still
punishment would never have touched
and pain would be nothing but a distant echo.
Want to remember
want to forget
and be forgotten
and be saved
and returned to the haven of a full life.
Between the black of your dreams
expect a glimpse of the gray
distant sounds and hope
and near
reverberates in the glass
that is shattered,
fragments of light infinite
rain of a thousand shades
that falls on him
and forgotten somewhere finds his voice
and pride shouts
and life pounding in his veins.
The old wounds hurt like sharp blades
tearing the depths of being,
and feel again.
hear a distant voice that leads him
words and glances
comforting his heart.
If once fell
lift your legs again.
Faltering steps,
determination ...
walking again
proud look ...
The pain of the past behind
deep shadows,
light on the horizon
full of promise
of tomorrow will not yesterday " .

From there, the story became less dark, though not to Al-Terur or Eriel they expected a happy ending or at least, not what everyone understands as such, they both managed to find the truth hidden, but it died soon after, exhausted from his travels and battles, the last forces leave right after they finally get to achieve your goal, but his final words were not sad or regret, for during all those years of travel had been seen and understand many of the truths of the world in which they lived and that was the legacy they had left their children, and Karlom Morkal, the twins would live even bigger adventure than their parents, but that was another story within the larger cycle .

When the bard's voice faded and the sound of the lyre is silent, the room was silent for a few seconds, the audience still fascinated by the wonderful song that the man had given them. Finally, the applause came and asked for new parts.

"Looks like you liked this story," said the prince, who was sitting next to Fate.

"It's one of my favorites. Is different from most songs, ballads and romances that are often heard, where the hero always gets everything that is proposed and returns home victorious. Furthermore, when the bard is good, like tonight, you get to feel the desperation of al-Terur.

"You are right, but if I'm honest, I prefer stories that end on a happier Juno smiled.

"But life is never the case, reality is always cruel Fate mused. The pain, suffering, grief, losing loved ones or failing to fulfill our dreams, that is what most people expected us later or earlier.

"Hm, is a somewhat pessimistic thinking, is not it? I prefer to believe that the final happiness can be attained.

"I guess it's true, but so is that if we value that happiness is because we have suffered to achieve it before ... I do not know, do not make me much attention.

"No, no, I understand what you mean.

"Anyway," said Fate looking for a few seconds at the redhead standing guard after the king's bank, some people have been through so much and whose happiness has still seem far away, if they even think about it.

"I can not deny the truth of those words, 'said Juno. I think it will bring a fresh new way of thinking to the palace.

"I doubt it, I do not like that sort of thing, politics or ideological discussions. I prefer to settle my differences in the camber of battle.

"It's a shame, would undoubtedly make some evenings and nights were less tedious.

- Are you coming to my leg, Hayate? Fate asked in view of the smile of the counselor.

"No, I mean, the king's court full of nobles to fill just worry more and more of their chests and stomachs. The palace is very different from this castle, there are not many gentlemen as your father, who really cares about his subjects.

"If you try to convince me not to go, you're on the right track," joked Fate.

"No Mind him," said the prince, it is true that we have some blowflies buzzing around the halls of the palace, but not all are like that, you will also find good people.

"If our Highness says ..." Hayate smiled. But we must recognize that ...

- What the hell? "Interrupted Fate rising. From the position in which it was seen how the bard, who had completed another piece, he approached the king's bank to make a bow probably expecting some kind of reward for his songs, but what had caught his attention was the glint of metal he saw in one hand that the man had hidden in his clothes.

- What happens? Inquired missed Yuno.

Ignoring him, stepped forward willing to shout warning of danger, but before he could make a shadow jumped on the bard, in a very rapid movement Nanoha had come between the man and the king and before he had time anyone flashing the bard fell to the ground with a surprised look in his eyes and open neck dripping blood. The screams filled the room and a little chaos is unleashed on it.

The guards still somewhat confused readied their weapons and formed a protective circle around the king, Signum appeared alongside the prince and his sister and his father's men led by Chrono rounded up all the artists that were in the room, judging from expressions of panic had nothing to do with what just happened, still, it was better not to be trusted. His father asked for quiet voices and while in the midst of the uproar, the only one who seemed oblivious to it was Nanoha, the redhead was bending over the lifeless body of the bard and fumbled in his clothes. Fate could see the expressions of revulsion over one of the guests.

"You'd better finish here," said Daran evening now that people seemed more relaxed and shouts had ceased. Majesty, I'm sorry that happened, I do not know how ...

"Do not worry, Daran, nobody could imagine something like," I apologized the king. As the marquis had said, it's time to go, ladies and gentlemen. "The king made a suggestive gesture with his hands and the guests began to leave the room in whispers and glimpses of the corpse lying in a pool of dark blood. The castle guards were taken to other artists as well.

When in the great hall were only the royal family, part of his entourage and the guard and the host, the king went to Nanoha, who seemed to have finished registering the dead.

- Have you found anything? Asked the redhead.


"Daran, Lindy, is the first time this man comes to your house? "Now that were practically alone, the king Arbia behaved in a much more natural and relaxed. Fate wondered if that was his true self, once cast aside the trappings of the crown.

"No, Lindy denied. Usually stop by here almost every winter, I never thought I could do something like this.

"His name was silt, but I doubt that's going to help us much," said Daran.

"Impossible to know where it comes from or who sent it, 'said Signum.

"An anonymous murderer Nanoha said," pretty stupid to try something like that in front of so many people.

"Probably not expect to escape," said Fate.

"Go back to the same thing happened in the house," muttered the Queen Aduaka.

- I also tried to kill there? Chrono looking inquired the king.

"Yes, but on that occasion was during a walk around Antan. Like today had it not been for Nanoha, would be dead.

"Father, this is starting to be disturbing. An assassination attempt on a foreign court may be somewhat casual, but the same thing happening now in our own kingdom and home of a subject and friend ...

"I understand where you're going, Yuno, but it is early to draw conclusions.

"What is clear is that someone wants you dead, Arbi. Any ideas?

"A few, Daran, but every king has his enemies.

"It could be again," said Valkadan Signum.

"Impossible, Hayate denied. The rebel leader is still licking the wounds of defeat two years ago, not as many fans as it was then or the money to hire a murderer, let alone two.

"Well, you'd better leave it for tonight," said the king. We will not get much more clear. I'm afraid we'll have to leave earlier than planned, sorry, but you better leave tomorrow.

"I agree" said the marquis. Hubieseis hopefully able to enjoy a few more days here, but most likely it is that you return as soon as possible Caven. I'll have more of my men to join your escort.

"It's a good idea, my lord, Signum agreed. Roads are not just safer in winter.

"Thank you, Daran. Well, let us withdraw, there are many things to prepare to leave tomorrow.

Once everything was ready for the game, Fate and Chrono, with his wife and son said goodbye to their parents in the chambers of these. Between hugs and tears, Lindy Daran and advised them and wanted the best, that fortune always accompanied and occasionally revisited. A Fate made him sad to say goodbye to her parents, however, also felt the excitement back to life up to two years had been, again follow the path of the sword fight to defend their land and lived in it would follow the banner of their king into battle and win honor for his name and his family. Blood returning warrior pounding in his veins.

Fate returned to his quarters still thinking about the recent dismissal, when a shadow came out to meet him, the shock made her give a great leap backwards, but managed to contain the scream that was pushing for abandoning his throat.

"I did not scare you," apologized the shadow of the woodcutter birth proved nearest Nanoha. The redhead looked at her funny.

"You have a very strange habit to get close to talk to people," sighed Fate, with what happened to just a few hours in the hall of honor, was normal to have reacted well.

- Why do you think I want to talk to you?

"Well, you've been avoiding me for several days, I prefer to think that struck me in the middle of a runner is on that basis.

"I'm not avoiding you, just do not have anything to say, until today.

"Okay, as you say. "It was better not to insist, I knew that if I began to push it, Nanoha is if you want to go before I managed to stop it. Well, what did you say?


Fate doubted that it could be more sparing with words.

- Why?

"If it was not because I saw you get up with an alarmed expression on his face, would have been slower to react and perhaps this man had hurt the king. So in part, is thanks to you that today I could have saved his life once again.

Fate looked at her confused, not because he had given thanks, but because of what he had said he understood that the redhead had been watching during the evening in the hall of honor. I thought after what happened in his bedroom a few nights ago, Nanoha had simply decided to ignore it, put as much distance between them and remain as distant as with other people. As was to prove that it was not all.

- What? "Asked the redhead to his gaze. Is to recognize when I have to thank you help me, but I did not ask for or want such help.

"Ah ... Yes, you need not thank me, just reacted.

"Well, you better go back to my room, walked forward.

"Nanoha ..." he decided to call it as he passed by his side.

- Yes? "He paused beside her and turned, again returned to being too close, he thought Fate.

"The speed with which you moved today, I thought it was incredible, even Arf was moving so fast.

"I have many more skills that I showed you in our fight," the redhead smiled and this time the gesture was frank, no hidden threats. Fate swallowed, sincere smile that was captivating.

"Then there interesting things to discover in court without thinking said, smiling back, feeling her cheeks blush irreparably.

"Maybe," withered Nanoha.

Their eyes turned to catch the one on the other, Fate again saw that gleam in the depths of her eyes for a few seconds he wished he could tell him to let themselves be misled by this hidden yearning, but a few steps into the runner returned to both to reality. Fate took a look at the two sides of the aisle, a guard to his nightly rounds a few meters ahead. When Nanoha looked in his eyes had reappeared steel eyes and his lips were a hard grimace.

"Good evening, ma'am," the redhead said goodbye and without waiting for your response, left disappearing behind a corner.

"Good night, gloomy Fate, which took off to their rooms without wanting to give too many turns to what had happened between them. Would be best if I wanted to get some sleep tonight and be rested for the trip to begin the next day.

Chapter 2


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Thanks a lot for translating this second chapter!

Are you not from the old translation team? I feared that this novel wasn't going to get translated, so it's good to get things moving again. The latest chapters of this story are simply too epic and amazing, this story is one beautiful fantastic journal, it's probably the best fic I've read. The English community shouldn't miss it ^^

About the translation, you will probably need someone to proofread it, I'd do it but I'm not very good with English and I don't have too much free time. I skimmed over the chapter and the translation looks good, but I noticed a few things that looked odd so I compared them with the original to see if there was a problem. As a feedback, to help you improve if you're continuing with the next chapter (I hope!), in the last couple of paragraphs I noticed this:

"Good evening, ma'am," the redhead said goodbye and without waiting for your response, left disappearing behind a corner.

Ese "your response" creo que debería ser "her response". En la versión original era "su respuesta", en tercera persona.

"Good night, gloomy Fate, which took off to their rooms

No entiendo que quieres decir con "gloomy Fate" en esa linea, que originálmente era "mucitó Fate", y también creo que se te olvidó cerrar las comillas de la linea del diálogo de "buenas noches", por lo que creo que debería ser mejor algo así:
"Good night," whispered Fate, which took off to their rooms

I was going to link this in the first post of the thread and in our welcome box, but I think it would be better if we wait to see if we get someone to proofread it.

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We are working on translating it. Chapter two was already translated, we just needed to proofread it. Thank you _kAtWiN_ for your hard work :) I'm sorry that the process of this is taking so long, we're trying to make it as precise as possible. I believe we have up to chapter 5 that is translated, we just need to proofread it. I'm sure it wont take long for the next chapter to come out. Sorry for such a long wait.

The story so far looks really promising, it's great to have a new way to see our favorite couple in action xD

Also,_kAtWiN_, we really appreciate the hard work. If you want, would you like to join the Sword project with us? Contact me if you are up for it, we always appreciate new help. :)

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Thanks for the offer. I really appreciate it! I posted it as soon as i tried to translate it in english but forgot to re-read or proofread it to others. SOme readers are really eager. Nyahaha~

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You guys know that this translation seems to be just a direct copy from Google Translator with spanish to english setting?

It is readable but sadly the automatic translator really wants to make a guy from every female in the fic, so we see often 'he', 'him' 'his' where we know should be female form, human translator would not make such mistakes.

I've been following this fic by it from some time and just get used to this annoyance.

Maybe you guys could use Google Transaltor from now to quickly translate whole chapters and then just someone with good spanish and english knowledge could just proofread it to normal state, if of course this translation is accurate enough.

Chapter 3 by Google Translator:


Chapter 3 - "What protects my sword." Arrow in the night

Caven, the City of Towers, capital of the kingdom of Cavendor and one of its biggest cities, Fate never tired of admiring the views that opened from the ramparts of the wall of the palace complex, located at the top of a hill the palace presided over the city center rising above the waters of Lake Arian, where the river flows and river White Vendial converged. The eight towers of basalt that punctuated the gray walls of Caven shone under the rays of winter sun, their long banners hanging battlements emerald green with the royal crest embroidered on them, and in the streets, hundreds of people came and went market that day.

Fate was walking this morning by one of the gardens of the palace, a few days ago that they had reached the capital, despite what was said by Signum on the safety of the roads in winter, had not had any incidents during the trip except for some mule lost and a storm of ice water, which was not surprising, because who in their right mind would attack a motorcade escorted as well as yours?, highwaymen it would have thought twice before trying it.

From that came the girl had not visited the city, which had spent most of the time knowing the palace complex and the people who resided there, too much to be able to remember the name of them all, but at least it was already known those of officers of the Royal Guards who now served, most of them were nobles of the kingdom of smaller houses that had reached their current position by his achievements in the field of battle, but soon found with typical pedantic and arrogant men who believed themselves above the others just by being born into a family of high rank.

He sat in one of the white marble benches that lined the garden in front of a tank and breathed a sigh stay, another thing that was spinning through his mind was that since I was there she had not exchanging a word with Nanoha, the redhead, once within the walls of the palace, had managed to avoid it with ease and success, only if he saw when he was on duty with the king or prince, and if their eyes met by chance, he evaded the gaze Nanoha. And although not quite understand the reason, that the frustrated, not knowing why he wanted to approach her, what drove her to try to break down the walls that kept her away from other people, but what if she was sure was I wanted to see that sincere and beautiful smile that just once dedicated to him.

- Again, wandering alone through the gardens?

He turned at the voice of Hayate, it appeared that the minister had some ability to find it there where he was, he wondered if he had eyes in every corner of the palace that were reporting everything that happened in it.

"Today is my day off," said smiling.

- Why do not you come down to the city? It is market day and makes good time to be in mid-Febre very hot sun.

"Hmm ... I do not know much Caven to venture alone in the streets ... I think it would end up losing.

"Haha, then what about if you go with?

- Are not you busy with the Royal Council?

"Hm, I have days sitting in the boardroom discussing with its members, I think I've earned some free time, moreover, need to buy some things Shamal in the city and I have made several assignments. Vita and Rein come too, so you will not have to put up with me, "joked one chestnut.

"Well, I do not know something bad will the city-accepted Fate. Even before I want to ask something I've been wanting to do a time.

"Let me guess, is about Nanoha?

"N ... no-Fate's cheeks blushed slightly, not because your question had to do with the elusive redhead, but because until a moment ago had been thinking about it.

- So?

"It's about hanging half-moon said the jewel that hung over the clothes of the minister," is de La Torre, right?


"You're one of the magicians. My mother and sister also were ... Well, Alicia was still in its initiation. Perhaps you've met.

-Price and Alicia Testarossa, right? "Fate nodded. I did not know in person, I went into Tower one year after their deaths, although the fame of your mother still lives there and said that your sister could have become a great magician, is a shame what happened to them.

"Yeah ... You know, I've always wondered how a mere bandits were able to end their lives, my mother was strong in the art of invisible road and talented Alicia already had them.

"Well, magic is something difficult to handle, just the wizards barely worth anything," he said with a wry smile, we need time to concentrate our power and use it, so I never go alone to a battlefield, we need swords and shields protect us from enemies. Perhaps neither prices nor Alicia disposed of that time ...

"But they were not alone, were escorted by the men of my father," muttered Fate.

"I ... am not able to give you a better answer, the minister apologized.

"Do not worry" He looked with a half smile, "I know it's one of those questions whose answer probably never know, but I had to try.

"I understand, Hayate patted his shoulder. And you never thought of going to the tower? Your mother and sister were magicians, it is logical to think that you could have followed in their footsteps.

"No, I have no talent for magic, invisible paths are actually invisible to me. Mine is the sword, "said patting bardiche knob.

"Yes, I had the opportunity to check and it seems that you have become a name among the Guardsmen. Your brother also among men, have no doubt that soon we will assign the command of a unit each.

"Haha, only just arrived and we are still making life at court, I have no particular hurry to become official, as well, that's something I'd rather win on the battlefield. And I'm sure he feels the same way Chrono.

"I do not deny it, but do not underestimate either you or your brother, you both have wood leader. And speaking of Chrono, have you used him and his wife and their new home?

"They're at it, so much space and servants to the three of them seems a little excessive," laughed Fate.

"Well, is the heir of the Marquis de Parmor, a mansion in the upper part of the city is what it deserves, well, the king has a high regard for your father, so there would have been somewhat lower. And it means that you should live there too, "I poked his shoulder with his finger.

"I like living in the palace.

"I wonder why? -Hayate the mischievous smile made an appearance.

"Do not imagine weird things I've always lived in a castle, is the custom, moreover, I'm closer to the people who work in the palace, its soldiers ... And somehow I'm more independent.

"Yeah, you sure do not have to do with a certain redhead spend his life with the king in here?

"Absolutely nothing," Fate denied vehemently. Are not we supposed to go down to the city?

"Haha, okay, if you want to change the subject, this time I will let you escape.

After wrap with layers and meet with two young daughters of the minister in the King's Gate, the four went down to the busy streets of Caven, Vita and Rein were all vitality and seemed to be enjoying the visit to the market, hundreds of stalls brightly colored filled the main avenues to the large market square, where several groups of comedians entertained children and adults alike, shopkeepers hawked their wares and innkeepers innkeepers and shouted their deals for the day, while people talked to speech neck, filling the air with an incessant cacophony, to which was added to food smells, sweat and other essences that loaded the atmosphere indescribable.

The group moved slowly through the crowd that was pressing on the streets, often making their way to nudge clean, especially when they wanted to approach a particular position; Hayate seemed to be clear about the things I needed, so we drove in that wanderings that soon found it dizzying to Fate, she was not accustomed to such crowds and chaotic hubbub that surrounded it all. Caven not look anything like the town of Parmor.

- Look for where you go! "He rebuked a man who dragged accidentally hit by the human tide.

"Sorry ..." he apologized, but the man had already disappeared from sight mingling among the masses.

- Are you all right, Fate? Rein asked, the younger sister was fourteen Yagami like Hayate, wore the crescent pendant Silver Tower, noted that as a full mage he had passed his last test.

"Yes, it's just that so many people and I sound a bit dizzy.

- Do you want to rest a while? We can sit there, the blue-eyed girl said a bench near the front of a tavern.

"No need, not want to appear weak.

- Sure?

"Yes. Come and lose your sisters.

"Okay, but if you feel ill let me know, okay?

"I will," smiled the girl returned the gesture, while meeting with Hayate and Vita.

The five sisters Yagami did not stop Fate is curiously, despite the age difference between older and smaller, they got along well, when I saw them together could sense the deep bond that united them, orphan of father and mother General Graham, brother of the king and a great friend of his father, formerly known as the Knight of the cloud, had adopted and brought to the court of Caven, which began to carve out five promising future, Shamal, the elder was now the chief of the palace healers and true eminence as the healing art concerned throughout the kingdom had emerged Signum soon as his skill as a warrior and knight soon earned him a place among the best spears and swords of the king and in a few years was appointed Captain of the Royal Guard and Lieutenant General Graham also was a member of the royal council, Hayate had a talent for magic and was sent to the Tower of which became converted into a powerful magician and intelligent, his mental acuity and strategic vision not long in earning him a spot in the king's council despite his youth, Vita followed in the footsteps of Signum and even his sixteen years as highlighted in the Guard as a strong and skilled warrior and commanded his own column cavalry, and finally Rein had shown the same talent for magic and Hayate as she had gone to the tower, which had gone only a few months had already become a magician, one of the youngest in history, without certainly reach an important position within the court.

And seeing them together Fate could not help feeling an occasional twinge of envy, she had a sister who loved him, but enjoyed just five years together, and though I wanted to Chrono and his brother, although deemed share no blood ties, deep still longing for Alice, the sister who snatched too soon.

- Hayate, come check this out! Vita's voice rose above the general din.

- What? Chestnut-appeared next to his sister's shoulder to see what it was pointing.

- Do not you think that you would like Shamal?

Fate took a sneaky look at what both watched, it was silver earrings with jade inlaid foil, silver was wrought in fine filigree floral motifs imitating, a beautiful jewel out of the skilled hands of a master goldsmith.

"Hmm ... can, what do you think, Rein?

The minor is his way to them as he could and looked at the earrings. Fate smiled at the three sisters concentrated on choosing a suitable gift for Shamal, so he had been told the following week would be his thirtieth birthday and wanted to give a present of the four.

"They're perfect for Shamal," said Rein. But to us we can afford it? They look expensive.

Hayate wolf smiled and turned to the shopkeeper took pity Fate of the seller, I was sure I would get chestnut extract a more remarkable reduction in the price of the earrings without the man was barely aware of it. While the minister haggling, let eyes wander around the square, which had finally arrived, it seemed impossible that so many people stuck there, but assumed it was normal, the market was held once a month, at least that big, the other days only if they opened a handful of regular posts in the square, so that the people of the city and surrounding advantage to capture more exotic items than normal or hard to find, as some spices, textiles and tools , because merchants Caven came almost every corner of Efan.

Suddenly a long red hair in a ponytail caught his attention, even though the distance was able to recognize it without problems, he wondered what he was doing there away from the palace and the king, found it difficult to imagine the hard Nanoha going grocery shopping, browsing in the stalls and haggling with vendors, although the idea was not without his grace.

"It's for Yuno Hayate's voice at his side managed to startle, so absorbed had been following with her eyes Nanoha.

- What? "He turned to the minister and his sisters, apparently had already bought earrings, Rein clutched tightly a small cloth bundle in his hands.

"The prince likes to visit the market and insist on doing without escorts to go unnoticed," said Hayate, "but his father does not make an iota of grace, so Nanoha asked to accompany him to protect him if necessary.

"I guess she was not very interested in these things," said Fate.

"Who knows, shrugged the minister.

"But I think the armory should be interested," said Vita, "Juno says that you have purchased weapons on the market.

"That does not surprise me," laughed Hayate.

And there was nothing but Fate had discovered in court, the prince and sisters behind closed doors Yagami also shared an almost fraternal, privately treated as if they were family, perhaps because the prince's uncle was the adoptive father of them, a situation that at first he was puzzled, but you soon adapt. The truth is that in the private sector, when they were surrounded by people you trust and friends, the royal family turned out to be the most natural and soon Chrono and herself had been treated that way, probably because of the friendship which the king and his father shared. A Fate certainly did not bother him, occasionally forget the formalities to be kept in the palace was something to be welcomed.

- Do you want us to go and talk to them? Hayate asked pulling it out of his thoughts, the mischievous smile again dancing on his lips.

"No," and walked in the opposite direction, the three sisters were quick to follow, could clearly hear the laughter of the minister, but decided to ignore it.

Everything would be easier if Nanoha leave to avoid it in that way ... No, he said, the truth was that everything would be easier if I stopped thinking about it and worry about not having spoken to her, but rather than trying to get her out of his mind, the redhead returned again and again, making him remember that smile that had gotten captivate and shine longing in his eyes when the steel in his eyes disappeared. Beginning to believe deep down there must be some way to approach the cold war and show that there were people in which they could trust. Maybe ...

- Let her alone! The going to kill you!

Suddenly some anguished cries from a nearby alley's back to reality, the voice was a woman, I could hear the sound of a body by being beaten and moaning in pain. He leaned over the narrow, smelly alley to meet a group of soldiers of the militia of the city by giving a beating to a girl with dark hair, that far from shrinking into the ground trying to defend rose, green eyes defiant. A couple of soldiers grabbed another girl redhead with blue eyes, which was what he shouted to stop, which got him a resounding slap in the mouth.

- What is happening here? "Fate demanded to know. Hayate and her sisters were waiting at the entrance of the alley. The men ceased their blows to re-look, recognizing the flag of the Royal Guard in his green surcoat, which hinted layer opening.

"This pair of rats was stolen in a post, only we're giving them what they deserve," said one soldier.

- And six soldiers are needed for this? There are more than a young Fate's voice sounded sharp.

"Stealing is a crime and our duty is to punish, how we do it is not your concern, the order in the city depends on the military," snapped the man himself.

"I ... do what you have stolen it deserves such punishment?

"What you see lying there.

Fate looked at the dirty, damp soil in which they had scattered for several blocks and a couple of loaves of bread, nothing else. He felt the anger overcame her, clenched his fists and looked hard at the soldiers.

"Just why give them such a beating, what kind of beast are you?

"We'll have insulted you," snapped the soldier. As I have said, this is not incumbent on you. Disappear Now, return to your palace up there, to babysit, the soldiers laughed the grace of their leader and appeared poised to gain sufficient assurance where they left off.

"I will not let you continue with this," warned Fate stepping forward.

- Really? -A couple of soldiers are faced with it. The tension was palpable.

"I think it's enough, Hayate was placed at the height of Fate, in his eyes there was no trace of his usual cheerfulness. Royal Guard may not have authority to administer justice in the city, but you you respond to the Law of the King and I remember that these punishments are laid down in it. I guess that your superiors will not want to know about ... your methods, am I right? If not, why do it in an alley?

The soldiers looked at each other and then Hayate, it was obvious that she had been recognized as one of the counselors of the king. Seemed to hesitate.

"Besides," continued the chestnut, "a royal guard can detain you for attacking citizens.

"Not more than a lousy thieves, fought the leader of the soldiers.

- Who are you calling lousy, pig? "The brunette had been incorporated, her face and body blows and blood filled with a bruised eye that at times, but still had the courage to stand up to those men that could have killed her with blows or have done something worse.

- Damn rat! I'll teach you to keep your mouth ...

-Try to lay a hand on and I swear that before handling lose even-Fate brought his hand to the hilt of the sword, took another step forward.

The soldier turned to her swallowing, hard and sharp tone of the blonde had managed to intimidate.

"Better that you may be," he said Hayate. My friend loses his temper easily, is drawing a mischievous smile on his face. We'll take care of them.

The men again exchanged glances and finally, cursing under his left the alley, but not before the leader whispered to meet again Fate.

"I'll be wanting," answered the girl.

Fate handed him a hand to the girl who was kneeling on the floor, but she got up without taking a hard look in his eyes, while red-haired girl rushed to help maintain balance.

"Idiot, I told you we should wait a bit, Subaru," he reproached the redhead to the brunette.

"But the seller was not looking, the best time, seemed to defend the Tea-brown. Well, collect food, probably still can eat.

"Wait," said Fate.

- What? "We are also going to punish? Challenging asked the brunette.

"No, but stealing is not right.

"Ha ... that coming from someone who does not have to worry about having a full stomach, wore the red hair.

- What will you do now, Fate? Funny asked Hayate.

Fate gave a deep sigh, it was clear that the two girls had to spend quite hungry and had no other way to procure food stealing. The young man looked at the bread and apples on the ground was wet and full of dirt, they could not eat anything, but when hunger pressed was that I had not much to choose from.

- You will wait here a moment? He asked the girls, who looked suspicious. I'm not going to stop or to hurt you, just wait for me here a moment.

"Well, I need some rest.

- Subaru?

"Okay, Tea, I think we can trust her. It is also true that I need rest, I am a bit dizzy, the girl frowned.

"Idiot, why did not you say so? "His friend looked really worried, he helped her sit on a pile of boxes and began to clean up as best he could some of their wounds.

"Hayate," you and your sisters can stay with them until you return?

"Yes, do not worry.

Fate left the alley, but not long in returning, as he had gone to look for could find in several of the stations close. In turn, approached the two girls and handed them a burlap sack with several loaves of bread, assorted fruit and a couple of meat pies that were still warm. The girls took the bag without hesitation, although the question was immediate.

- Why? "Was the redhead who asked the reason for Fate to do that.

"Stealing is wrong, but letting people go hungry is much worse for me.

"Thanks, I guess.

"You have no why give them. Well, you'd better go and take care to soldiers of the city joined Fate Hayate, Vita and Rein, who were already waiting outside the alley.

- What is your name? He asked at the last moment the redhead.

"Fate Testarossa.

"Thank you, Fate," said the brunette. She is Teana and Subaru me if you ever need anything from the underworld, you asking us.

"I'll remember," smiled the girl. Subaru returned the gesture and help Teana were lost across the alley.

Fate and the other three returned to the main street, the sun began to descend from the zenith, the inns and taverns soon be filled with people looking for a hot meal and beer or wine with which they water it and come back to the palace , and had almost everything they had come to buy. As they walked back to the market place, to Fate seemed Nanoha see again, this time more closely than in the previous occasion, but had no time to make sure she was, although he was almost sure it was well .

After taking a lap around the square, they decided to return to the palace at the end Fate had just bought a rag doll for his nephew and a good quality oil to polish bardiche sheet. For its part, Vita and Rein loaded several packages with things that Hayate had bought, while she carefully took a small wooden box containing various glass flasks and Fate chose to ignore the content, I was sure they were part Engagement of Shamal and it was better not to know exactly what their remedies were composed and medicine.

Rare was the night that were not offered in the palace dinners and dances with the court seemed to enjoy such events sometimes took place in the mansions of the highest nobles of the city, and those parties were not just entertainment, it was time when political movements were made, the more powerful lords and ladies were talking in small private circles, sometimes with the king, queen or prince, most of the time only to each other, developing this game of tug of war, puppets in the shadow that they believed the right to manage the lives of others. Fate hated it all, had never liked politics and not attend such gatherings and parties at home were his parents and Chrono who took care of it, although his position as heir future Velka County forced her from time to time to make an appearance in such social events. Now that was in Caven could more easily evade those events, although his brother was in charge of blaming each time I see it, but there were some who could not escape, and that night, Ambassador of the Kingdom of VanR was on visit the palace and kings had organized a feast worthy of his position, that the man entered and meat in years and seemed to enjoy the most, especially the food that filled the tables. After dinner, as always, offered a dance, although most participants were more aware of the cliques that form in the corners of the great hall of the music that invites to dance.

Fate soon slink furtively and took shelter in one of the shadowy corners of the room, from which he could observe without being molested, that night wearing the dress uniform of the Royal Guard, wearing dark green velvet soft defenses light leather carved with geometric motifs, his waist hung a short sword ceremony with which it could have hardly cut the bread for dinner, but the weapons were prohibited in the hall of the king, only the soldiers on duty could take them there.

"You're too nice a person for your own good," said a familiar voice beside him, startling, yet was unable to feel when approached that way.

"And you have a bad habit to get close to talk like a highwayman, he turned to look and found a funny smile on Nanoha's face certainly was laughing at his expense, something that bothered him but is not complained, as the redhead seemed to have finally decided to speak again. As always, the warrior was wearing dark clothes, which conceal the defenses of leather and metal sheeting he was wearing.

"Try to be more alert," he said, here I relajáis right away when you feel at home and you never know where the danger can sleep.

"I guess you're right ..." had to recognize. Anyway, what do you mean I'm too nice?

"This morning I saw you in the market, where you helped those girls ... It would have been better left to be killed.

- What? You can not seriously be saying that "I could not believe that the coldness of the woman arrived so far. They're just little girls.

"I do not understand ..." Nanoha looked away a moment, as if seeking the best way to explain. The exception of those soldiers and gave them food for today and maybe tomorrow, but what about after tomorrow?, What about the next day and the next?, "Next week, next month? You have not done more to prolong the suffering. Also, if you can not take care of themselves better to die ... The Big Sleep will never again reach back pain and nobody can harm them.

A strange shadow crossed the blue eyes that Fate did not go unnoticed, perhaps an echo of a sad memory, but did not dare to ask knowing that Nanoha would refuse to answer.

"I can not see people suffer," he defended himself, "it is true that the food they gave them only last a few days, but maybe I can continue helping ... Helping people who can not do by itself, protect the weak is my job, my duty and my desire, therefore wield my sword, so I follow the path of blood and death, so that no one will suffer the pain of the loss of those he loves. He looked into the eyes of the redhead. Taking care of ourselves is important, but so is taking care of others when we have the strength to do it.

Nanoha watched in silence for a long minute, Fate was asked if he was reflecting on his words, if I would consider or cast off with a simple gesture. However, what really surprised at the end said Fate.

There was a very distant time and that I also believed that, but my days at The Abyss soon taught me to think and could cost me my life, there were no friends, no family or anyone to whom to protect, because nobody will return the favor ever, is the person to whom you helped might turn against you as you gave back.

"But not everyone is well. Here are people you can trust, people we know and trying to prove it trying to gain your friendship ... Do not you see?

"I do not see," said twisting his smile.

- Why?

"Because light is too bright and I can not let my blind, in the solitude of the shadows is where I stay, living how you've done so far, not letting anyone get close ...

"Then why am I looking for? -The question escaped her helplessly. For a few seconds, looked at each other, Nanoha thought it would be gone around and releasing some kind of expletive, but it was not, doubt and hesitation filled his eyes.

I do not know ... "Fate answered and knew it was sincere. Maybe because I remember someone I met years ago, someone who killed his heart to keep going no matter what the words repeated over and over again, "be one with the shadows, being one with the night, be a with darkness. " But that is now part of the past, and his eyes turned cold steel, "I am what I am and that's not going to change.

Do not know why, but that last sentence sounded Fate had more in an attempt to talk to herself than to her.

"It's a shame," he said, "I think ...

But Fate did not finish the sentence, suddenly all the lamps and lanterns in the room suddenly went out, plunging the great hall in darkness, the guests began to scream scared, while the guard called to her that no one moved.

"Magic Nanoha limp at his side. I have to return with the king ...

"I'm with you, I'm supposed to be a royal guard.

- Can you follow me? I will not wait if you stay back.

"I will. Come on.

Although you could hardly see in the dark, their eyes gradually grew accustomed to the absence of light, followed Nanoha dodging tables and people waving nerve, the redhead was moving quickly and safely, and without that saw shadows perfectly. He wondered where Hayate, he had seen for a while chatting with a group of nobles, whether it was magic, the counselor could counter it somehow.

- Aaaaaaaaah!

Screams of pain escaped from the throats of several people, which caused the panic would spread among the people, he ran in every direction, colliding with each other or with tables, chaos had broken out, but the worst was yet to come . Fate distinguish various shades running to the place where the king and prince were when the lights went out, I could not tell whether they were friend or foe for sure, but something told him it was that last.

"Nanoha," he warned.

"I've seen. Arf I hope it will teach you to move against more than one opponent. You go for those who go to the prince, I'll take care of the king.


"The guard seems to be busy trying to calm the guests, stupid, not realizing the true danger. At least Signum is the king.

After those words, parted ways and Fate ran to the four shadows that rushed to the prince, several guards fell to the ground beneath their blades do not know if you like what was happening. Jumped on the first of the attackers struck him with the flat of the sword in the neck with enough force to break, the body fell limp to the ground.

- A guard me! They attack the king! Someone finally yelled, he seemed to recognize the voice of Vita.

But I had no time to wait for reinforcements and without hesitation stepped between the three attackers and the prince, pushing it to remove him from the reach of enemy weapons. The attackers did not hesitate and jumped on it at once, Fate managed to avoid and stop their knives, the sound of metal on metal spread over the screams of the guests, was not the only one who struggled.

Their opponents were skilled and knew how to move in the dark, but Fate is not left behind, returned his blows with security, avoiding spinning and feint attacks combined, although on occasion he felt the bite of steel in his arms and legs, but not left escape or a moan of pain, gritting his teeth, wishing it bardiche have continued to enduring the assaults of enemies, beating them with that dull blade and blunt. Managed to dodge two thrusts and sneak behind the guard of one of them, which dealt a heavy blow with the hilt of the sword, breaking his nose and jaw, the man dropped to the floor with staccato shouts of pain.

The other two were taken away with her, but had no time to consider a strategy, then one of them fell dead with an open collar and the other was shot down by a strong blow to the head. Fate looked at his two rescuers, he recognized his brother and Vita, the girl still in her hand the spear of a soldier who had taken it.

"I thought you were not allowed weapons," he told Chrono to see the shine of the blade of a knife in his hand.

"I borrowed the first to be killed. "Your Highness, you find yourself right?

"Yes," Yuno joined them.

"We'd better separate yourselves from us until the light again, there may be more attackers hidden" Chrono said.

"Do not worry, it will not.

Fate looked in the direction in which the king should be, wondering how he would have gone to Nanoha, as the sound of swords and knives began to cease in the great hall.

- Nobody move! Signum's voice rose above the frightened voices of the guests, trying to impose calm again. The men that ye be closer to the doors, cerradlas! Let no one leave the room!

Several voices answered obeying his orders, the sound of closing doors finally made many silent. Fate was when I heard the song of a bow shot from somewhere in the gallery that surrounded the room a few feet above them. And just then the lights turned back on, maybe the magic of Hayate.

And in light newcomer all saw with astonishment that the king fell with his leg pierced by an arrow. Nanoha Fate was to take the monarch in his arms, preventing it from falling to the ground, the redhead walked the room with his eyes while his body covered with the king.

- Seek the goalkeeper! Signum he ordered the guards scattered around the room, drawn swords willing to use them.

-Vita, Chrono, stay with the prince told them Fate, they nodded.

I was almost sure to know where the arrow had come, he heard the arch above them, so I ran to the nearest stairway and climbed the steps to the gallery. From his position of glanced, he had to hide behind a column to hear again the bow, an arrow struck the rock. Had been close.

- In the gallery, is in the gallery! He shouted at the soldiers below. Would soon surrounded.

And I knew the goalkeeper, was seen jumping on the marble balustrade and Fate had no doubt about what was going to do. She ran to him in a vain attempt to avoid it, but could not arrive on time, the man jumped into the void, head falling to the ground, breaking his neck and his voice forever silenced. The guests returned to scream. Fate cursed under his breath and decided to back down.

Signum gave orders to his men to be taking guests and others to take over the bodies of the assailants had no one left alive for interrogation. Nanoha still holding the king's body, with them the Queen and Prince had a pale face, worried about the wounded king, although he tried to downplay the issue with his words.

"It's only a leg injury, will be a scar, he said, sure let me Shamal new. Do not have to ...

Arbia but did not finish the sentence, his face turned pale in a grimace of pain and a severe attack of coughing blood led to his mouth.

- Father! Yuno shouted leaning beside her, the Queen put her hands to her face, unable to utter a word.

"We have to take him to his quarters," said Nanoha, the redhead gritted teeth with rage and someone will find a Shamal, it is very likely that the arrow was poisoned.

Given that last word paralyzing silence seemed to grab them as if they were unable to react.

- Move! Damn, I snapped Nanoha hard.

Finally reacted, Chrono redhead helped carry the body of the king, who had begun to shake, and move to their rooms, followed by the queen and the prince. Vita went to find his sister. Signum was organizing men. And Hayate, his face beaded with sweat, was held to deal with the nobles who refused to leave and demanded to know about the state of the king, fortunately had not heard anything about the poisoned arrow. Fate, after ascertaining that a couple of soldiers accompany Amy and her nephew home, returned to the gallery and picked up one of the arrows that the archer had left there, and noted the steel point, a dark oozing poison which ensured even rubbing with your fingers. It was the arrow.

At the gates of the King's Apartments waited several people concerned about the state of the sovereign, Chrono, Vita and Nanoha were there, Fate could feel the tension and rage of the redhead, probably felt he had failed in its mission to protect the king. He approached them.

"It was not your fault," he told Nanoha. We caught everyone by surprise.

"Never mind. I should have realized that those attacked were down more than just fun, that danger was ahead. Damn, his fists clenched tightly.

- What you got there, Fate? Asked his brother.

"One arrow, the tip is full of venom, I think we can serve Shamal to determine what it is.

"Come, then, told the chamberlain of the king.

Fate nodded and entered the royal apartments, crossed the great hall to the bedroom where Shamal and one of his assistants attended the injured leg of the king, both Juno and her mother worried waiting beside the bed. Arbia was shaking from tremors, occasional coughing forcefully and the blood gushed from his mouth.

"Shamal" he called softly young healer turned, his eyes were grave, as this is an arrow that has wounded the king, is impregnated with poison, maybe you know what it is.

The woman took the arrow and sniffed the tip, then wiped it carefully on a piece of cloth and noted the color of poison.

"It's hard to be sure," he said, but the smell and the symptoms that cause I think it's Dragon's Breath, a very rare substance, do not know anyone who knows how to prepare, much less make an antidote ... "She looked sadly at the queen and her child and then the king. I am afraid we can not do anything for him.

The queen let out a muffled moan, Yuno embraced trying to reassure her, but her face and tears trickled. Fate felt his heart shrink, no one should see the death of his own, at least in that way.

"Something will have to be able to do," was the deep voice of General Graham, brother of the king went into that moment in the bedroom, had not attended the banquet, but someone had seen to go get it. Hayate with him. Nanoha Fate saw the door standing before deciding to enter.

"Sorry, but it is beyond my skill-Shamal sounded really defeated.

Silence gripped the room, broken only by sobs of the queen, no one knew what to say and hardly dared to look at the king, as the monarch's face was a terrible grimace of pain, without a doubt the poison that ran his veins would cause intense suffering; Fate shuddered thinking that this would be a slow death.

"Maybe if there is a way Hayate said weakly, at The Tower ...

"They take too long to go find a remedy there, refused Shamal. Not last many days.

"I can make the hold-the minister looked at the queen, is dangerous and hard ... but it is the only hope.

"Do it, if you can save your life, do whatever it takes," implored the queen.

"Well, I begin to prepare everything. I need the help of Rein. Man, Juno, Nanoha, Fate, come with me, I have to talk to you.

Fate continued with others to minister to the hall, wondering what he would say, perhaps explain what I had thought to ask.

"This will be a race against time" began Hayate. I will do everything in my power to earn it, but it will also depend on you, "I said to her and Nanoha.

- What do you want to do? "Asked the redhead.

-Go to the tower and find an antidote to the Dragon's Breath, there is stored a great source of wisdom, if anyone can help are your teachers. I get it from you because I know you are the fastest and working for it.

Fate and Nanoha exchanged glances and nodded.

"We will, Nanoha said," you try to keep alive the king until our return.

And while Hayate told them what was going to do, Fate could not help thinking what would be really a fight against time, against death that hung over the king and for the first time that night he asked who was behind that attack Cavendor crown, whoever he was, was very close to achieving its goal.

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Spoiler: Chapter 2
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“Then there will be interesting things to come later on in the court.” She said without thinking, smiling back at her, feeling her cheeks blush inevitably.

“Maybe,” Nanoha murmured.

Their looks were again caught into each others gaze. Fate saw again that sparkle deep in her eyes, and for a few seconds, she wished she could allow herself to be swept away into that hidden yearn. However, a few steps in the corridor returned both of them to reality. Fate looked to both sides of the corridor and saw a guard doing his nightly patrols a few meters ahead. When she looked at Nanoha again, that steel look in her eyes returned and her lips were in a rough grimace.

“Good night, lady,” The red-head bid her farewell and without waiting for an answer left, disappearing behind a corner.

“Good night,” Fate murmured. She directed her feet towards her chambers, not wanting to think too much about what just happened between them. It was the best course of action if she wanted to sleep well that night and be rested for the travels that would be starting the next day.

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Spoiler: Chapter 3
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