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LOL Randomness

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SO this is going to be semi-temporary???

So the conversation I had with my gf took an interesting turn.

[1:32:38 PM] Valérie Obrecht: LIKE HOW COULDN'T GET THE NAUGHTY THOUGHT OF YOU AND ME IN THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[1:33:06 PM] Valérie Obrecht: I've felt my cheeks burning by the thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[1:33:49 PM] Signum Yagami: *glomps and huggles*
[1:33:53 PM] Signum Yagami: ^_^
[1:33:55 PM] Signum Yagami: Cute
[1:34:16 PM] Valérie Obrecht: *blush* and you were leading in my mind XD
[1:34:40 PM] Valérie Obrecht: andI was trying to not moan *blushes hard*
[1:35:28 PM] Signum Yagami: *blushing with a grin* >_< XD
[1:36:02 PM] Valérie Obrecht: *hugs* it wasn't the only time in the day °//_//°
[1:36:13 PM] Signum Yagami: lol Oh, I'm sure~
[1:36:18 PM] Valérie Obrecht: hey XD
[1:36:53 PM] Signum Yagami: lol No, seriously. It's a known fact that when someone greatly cares about another, that's pretty much the only thing on their mind.
[1:37:43 PM] Valérie Obrecht: I kind of know, but it wasn't coming this hard!!
[1:38:08 PM] Signum Yagami: *buries face into pillow with stiffled laughter at what you just said*
[1:38:42 PM] Valérie Obrecht: *just realised what I just said* OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[1:38:52 PM] Signum Yagami: lol!!!!!!
[1:39:19 PM] Valérie Obrecht: YOU'RE MAKING ME DOING THIS XD!!!!!!!!!!!!
[1:39:40 PM] Valérie Obrecht: THAT SOUNDS EVEN WORSE!!!!!!!¨
[1:39:50 PM] Valérie Obrecht: OMFFFFFFFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[1:40:08 PM] Signum Yagami: *dies laughing and falls off bed*
[1:40:44 PM] Valérie Obrecht: you're done XD?
[1:41:15 PM] Valérie Obrecht: *just realise again* I HAVE TO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!
[1:41:51 PM] Valérie Obrecht: *BLUSHES AND DIES OF LAUGHTER*
[1:42:00 PM] Signum Yagami: *still dying of laughter*

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That was sweet.

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lol *blushes* Thanks... I got her to join NFC and last night, it was me being the one saying everything in a way that sounded dirty, totally off the wall. I seriously had a laughing fit that lasted a good 5 minutes..... Man, that was exhausting. XD And my gf heard every bit of it. >_<