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Hello there!

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Hey there! I've Nanoha for...a while now. About ten years at the very least. Don't even remember how I first got into it beyond hearing that there was yuri involved. Decided on a rewatch on the spur of the moment a few days ago and I was reminded of why I loved the series so much as a teen. If anything there's bits of it I appreciate a lot more as an adult, particularly stuff involving Fate. It means a lot to have a character with a life like that who ends up happy and generally well adjusted, you know?

Anyway. I've only watched up to StrikerS and the first movie and I'm only aware that the later things like ViVid and Forces exist. Not seen any of them! I'm a poet by trade and I like to use fanfiction to practice a variety of things with my poetry. I'll definitely be working on Nanoha poems. I've done a few already, but nothing I'm quite up to publishing yet. Some of them are definitely going to be nanofate themed too!

Not really sure what else to say unfortunately...Introductions are hard.

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Welcome aondeug! Nowadays the community is very small and slow but better late than never. I hope you have fun.

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Welcome indeed. We remain few in numbers but anyone that wish to enter is always welcome like A. said. Hope you feel at home and I can't wait to see your poems if you wish to share them here

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So I've noticed! I kind of expected it to be small given how long it's been since like the heyday of Nanoha. Still it's neat to see that there's at least something left, even if it's tiny.

And I'm certainly up to sharing the poems here! The more the merrier when it comes to people looking at my fic really. I'm happy that you're interested in seeing them. Thank you for that. Poetry fic's a weird, very niche thing so it's always appreciated when people want to see them.

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aondeug wrote:
Poetry fic's a weird, very niche thing so it's always appreciated when people want to see them.

Looking forward to see what you can do. Also, welcome!

... hai thar!

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Thank you!

And hello there!

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well welcome aondeug-san! Glad you joined us and shared your poetry. Work at the Infinity Library has been keeping me busy but I stop by here once in a while to chat.

NanoFate fans please don't send me hate mail... I promise to turn back into a ferret and leave Nanoha (and her waifu) alone XD

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Welcome aboard.

Fate is a lovely character indeed.

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One month late hello there newbie. lol

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