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Yoru ga Akeru Made [+18]

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Today we're sharing Yoru ga Akeru Made, an adult Sagamani doujin from 2009 that just got translated by DesuDesu.

This is a 30 pages long doujin about Nanoha and Fate during their first night at their new house, with things inevitably progressing towards the lewd side. This story takes place after the Santa Sangre trilogy, but it also works well enough as a stand alone doujin.

We hope you like the doujin!



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I think there is an error in pg 14, "is this our own house." should be "this is our own house"

I like yuri.

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This takes place after his previous doujin, Santa Sangre(which is about Nanoha's near-fatal accident.) One of the pages has a couple panels pulled right out of Santa Sangre 3.

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You're right, just edited the post.