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I've seen it before tho from somewhere, but its okay xD

ahhhh NANOHA-MAMAAA you're such a milf lol

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God, Fate is just so insensitive. I mean, she bought her a cake and everything...the nerve...

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Poor Fate-chan. D= I still love that awkward moment. xD LOL.

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Vivio, Nanoha-mama is telling you that you should let Ein on top every once in a while. :V

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Umm...I don't really mind, either way... *blushes*


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Somehow Fate always gets the worst part of the deal...

They should learn to lock the doors or set some alarms next time.

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As always the only fluffy device that actually does something is Sacred Heart… what a cool name for so lame appearance. I mean sounds great, dignified and even remarks the relationship between Vivio and Nanoha but then again is just a teddy rabbit… LAME!! Fine, I will call him “Kris” for now own and Tio is not better. Asteion… there is nothing "refined" in that little ball of nothingness (I really need to get over that manga)

Oh yeah… the image. Well I consider Fate more to be naïve rather than insensitive. But I understand Vivio. I mean knowing how timid Einhart is the poor Vivio must expend a lot of time convincing her for doing in the living room and when finally manages to get into business…

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this is so ridiculous... Fate-chan so funny... oh!, so Ein and Vivio take there relationship to the next level.. haha... so, Nanoha want Ein to be the "SEME" and Vivio "UKE" type.. xD

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For whatever reason, I can totally see this happening in cannon. XD

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"Permission to do it in the living room"

So...Nanoha said it's okay to do it everywhere else? Seems legit, let's go to the pantry.

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That's probably Sir's worst thing to see when entering the house o_O