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The Sound of the Sea in the City

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Hello everyone! Today we're sharing another doujin translated recently by TheRon, and scanned by /u/: The Sound of the Sea in the City by Kohagura.

This is a 26 pages long doujin divided in 2 shorter stories, with lots of fluff and hand holding, very sweet and in line with the previous works from this artist. We hope you like it.



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Dat cuteness, it's almost too much for my poor heart...X3

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Ahh so cute ~ Thanks for the release!

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that was a fun read, i was there was more out there for us to read

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Glad to see a release! this year you guys are not working in many projects, it's kinda sad, it was so good when we used to have new works almost every week.

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Shy Fate-chan is always nice :D

Keep calm and love Nanofate! XD

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That was so sweet!!!!