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Passion Error [+18]

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...And two days later it's the time again for DesuDesu and Brolen to spoil us with yet another new adult NanoFate release: Passion Error, by the fan favorite Kohagura.

This is a 26 pages long adult doujin from 2015 about Nanoha getting overly affected by an aphrodisiac wine and Fate getting to be the top one for the night to help Nanoha calm down. It's very passionate and cute.

We hope you like the doujin!

Translator: Brolen
Editor: DesuDesu



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And spoiled we truly are! Just the thing to sweet up a horrible day in life XD

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Well, that went well in the end. I am sure they will get lots of use from that when Vivio isn't around

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Now Fate know what to do when she wants to have some "fun" time with Nanoha.