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Owari Hajimeta Sekai no Hate ni

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New released by the TheRon! This week we're sharing his scanlation of Owari Hajimeta Sekai no Hate ni by Kohagura/Koguroya.

This is a 32 pages long full color doujin about Nanoha recovering from her big injury and going through rehabilitation. Rather than romantic this is a more serious take on the incident, and is a sequel to Smiling Back When You're Next to Me.

Like with the previous recent releases, this scanlation was an extra of TheRon's fansub of the latest episode of Vivid Strike!. You can see the original post or download episode 5 here.



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One of the highlight of this cute doujin is Nanoha riding Zafira, that was adorable.

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It feels pretty good to find one of those rare, somewhat chill stories where Hayate's basically Nanoha's unbiased wingman. NanoFate and Yagami-Family's always appreciated too, but this was a nice change of pace from the norm.