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Non-stopping Train

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Hello everyone! After a somewhat long break we're back again with our latest Sunday release: Non-stopping Train by the circle Majihima.

This is a 16 pages long doujin about Nanoha and Fate as maids having some private time in the middle of their work when supposedly in private. This doujin also had a second half that was a more explicit novel, unfortunately it wasn't scanned by our raw provider, except for this extra image which is likely the only illustration of the second part.

Also thanks to Yamibo we recently got the raws of MekiMeki's 不完全燃燒, and Nanashik's adult doujin Sweet dreams. If any translator or translation group wants to translate any of these doujins we can send you the raws.

We hope you enjoy this release! Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Raws: 閃光家族大家長 ◄► Translation: Kiruchi ◄► Proofreading: Divine Vengeance ◄► Editing: motaku96


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Joined: 08/22/2009
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It's good to read this nice little doujin ! :3
As usual ,thank for the good work, guys !!!

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Joined: 09/22/2009
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I am so happy to see a new release, have been a while! hopefully we will get the second part in the near future! Thanks for your work!

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Joined: 08/17/2010
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Thanks, should be a lot of fun

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Joined: 05/24/2013
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This is really cute. Can't wait for the second part to be translated.

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Joined: 09/12/2014
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I read this later than most off of Dynasty-Scans... and all I have to say that it is a good doujin. Thanks for releasing it. :)

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Joined: 10/22/2014
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Really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the hard work you've done ever since the beginnings with Thought I'd take the trouble to register just to say thanks.

Haven't been here in over four years, will remedy this starting today. :3