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nanoha hug fate

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Translate please!! good pic ^^

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I just saw this, so.. I'll give this a shot. Where's this from, btw? Do we have it?
Nanoha: Guess who!
Fate: Ah!
*Hugs tightly
Fate: Eh? You're back already?
Nanoha: Nn I actually got back earlier than planned
Nanoha: I wanna give everyone a surprise
Fate: You scared me - Was feeling very sorry (I don't get why)
Nanoha: Ehhehe Sorry
Fate: But it's good to catch up
Nanoha: Nn
Nanoha: I haven't seen everyone in a while either...
Nanoha: ... Fate?
Fate: -Uu
Breathe or the warmth (I'm not too sure about this line, I can't read the 2nd last word, it's too blur DX)

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...Combine the two and say that it's "warm breath"? ^^;;

Aw, your translations are MUCH better than mine! XD Thanks for the translation~

Cardboard box is here!

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I don't think so, cause there clearly is a word that meant 'or' there in between the 'breathe' and 'warm'.
And I think it's Fate telling herself to breathe, not talking about Nanoha or her breath. :/
No prob, at least I'm a true asian unlike someone. XD Kidding.