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A Magical Girl's Lovey-Dovey Collection

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Hello everyone! Today we're sharing another external release made by the translation groups Yuri-ism and Yurihouse: A Magical Girl's Lovey-Dovey Collection.

This is a 30 pages long doujin from the first Mekimeki Oukoku Omnibus, originally published in 2008, and is an assortment of small stories and a couple of 4-komas released that year. You can find the first part of this book Here.

For more information please check the original post on Yuri-ism or YuriHouse. We hope you enjoy the doujin!


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The "rabu rabu" is strong in these stories, and Hayate loves to play dangerously with her life (maybe she's a closet M).

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I really enjoyed the stories. They were great for my recovery.

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the both of them are so cute. this stories really make me happy after reading all some sad nanofate fic.

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I love how sweet NanoFate is. I can kind of understand why Yagami might be a little grossed out. Even so Nanoha and Fate are just so gosh-darned cute!'s picture
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thank you

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