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Lovely Motion & Theatre Wings -omnibus- [+18]

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From Kohagura's Loreley anthology comes the last doujin still only in Japanese from this book, Lovely Motion, and also the extended version of Theatre Wings plus its bonus story. This new version is expanded and has revisions not present on its first English scanlation.
Both scanlations are from anonymous people from /u/, and raws by Super Shanko.

Summary: Lovely Motion is an 11 pages long doujin from 2011 about Nanoha drinking a bit too much and getting frisky with Fate while wearing yukatas, expect a lot of flirting and a couple of sexually explicit panels.
Theatre Wings is a 26 pages long doujin from 2012 about Nanoha and Fate in their highschool days, preparing for a play where they will perform as the princess and prince from an old story that in this version of the doujin is completely covered. As in the other Kohagura doujins you can expect a sweet and romantic story that we re sure you will love.


Lovely Motion Download:

Theatre Wings -omnibus- Download:

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Thanks for the yummy, fluffy doujins !

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I thought MegaUpload was taken down since 2012? O_o

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That took me by surprise too, maybe it's a new company using the same name.

Also I'm really glad we got the complete version of Theatre Wings translated, the bonus story was sweet.

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Oh my! Thanks a lot!!!