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Ichaicha wa Ouchi ni Kaettekara!

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Once again we get a new NanoFate doujin scanlated by TheRon as the extra of this weeks' fansub of VividStrike, this time it's Ichaicha wa Ouchi ni Kaettekara! by Nagomi Kissa, Hirayama and Rebis. Not to be confused with the other doujins by the same author which have the same title with an increasing number of exclamation points.

This is a 18 pages long doujin, with a first and longer part about young Nanoha and Fate having a hard time resisting their urge to kiss each other (that may even be lewder than the very explicit doujin released yesterday!), and a couple of fun and cute shorter stories.

We hope you enjoy the doujin!



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Somehow I feel a little bad for Amy, it sure is tiring to work with a lovey-dovey couple. (^_^;)