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Icha Icha wa Ouchi ni Kaette kara!!!

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Hello everyone! We're back again, sharing a new doujin scanlated today by TheRon, and scanned by Anonymous from 4 Chan: Icha Icha wa Ouchi ni Kaette kara!!! by Nagomi Kissa.

This is a 18 pages long 4-koma doujin about Vivio dealing with her mothers being perhaps too naughty in their house. This is a cute and lewd short comedy, we hope you enjoy it, and we hope to see more from this artist in the future.


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We Devices are being used in sexy scent-related NanoSir! YESSS

My Sonic form for Sir is cool and sexy! o_o

Great stuff guys! XD

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With all this naughty time between her mothers, Vivio will be scarred for life. XD
But it also gives her plenty of material to "practice" with Einhart when alone.

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Poor Vivio xD But it's nice seeing Nanoha getting all flustered too in this Doujinshi x3

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I'm not ashamed to admit that I had to go read some NSFW NanoFate after this.

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V-Vivio-san! W-what are you... *blush*