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gdgd Materials

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We're sharing today a Sagamani doujin that just got translated by DesuDesu: gdgd Materials.

This is a 32 pages long doujin from 2012 based on Gears of Destiny. It's mainly a few fun comedic scenes between (you guessed it) the Materials, and also Yuri, with a touch of NanoFate at the end. Not sure if it's also parodying the anime gdgd Fairies.

We hope you like it!



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I just wanted to point out some small errors.

pg 06, "come into contact sunlight" - should be, "with sunlight"
pg 7, "oaky" - should be, "okay"

I like yuri.

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Ah, I always like the Materials and their crazy stuff. Pity we don't get more of their stories translated.

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Thank you for this wonderful scanlation!