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Fine Color Day (complete book) [+18]

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Hello everyone! Today we're releasing an anthology titled Fine Color Day, by Kohakura. We previously released a part of this book that was provided to us by our buddies from Yamibo (that you can find here), but recently kkattapiya provided us the rest of the anthology so here we're again bringing to our readers the complete experience.

Fine Color Day is a 60 pages long doujin, divided in 4 stories, of which the second one was previously translated. The other 3 parts include an adult story about Nanoha and Fate spending some time on their bed in a rainy day, a story where young Nanoha and Fate enjoy of a carefree day together in Nanoha's house, and a short part about Hayate having fun with the Wolkenritter.

We hope you enjoy this release! Feedback is appreciated as always.

Raws: kkattapiya ◄► Translation: kiruchi ◄► Translation check: Railgun, Maleficarum ◄► Proofreading: Crazyla ◄► Editing: ShiroAka

Credits for the second story:
Raws: 閃光家族大家長 ◄► Translation: JustMadman ◄► Proofreading: Divine Vengeance ◄► Editing: depression76


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I really love Kohakura's stories. Sweet, slightly naughty, and drawn in a beautiful tyle. ^^

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60 pages of awesome art and fluffy NanoFate thank you guys!

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Thanks for the release. I really enjoyed this one.

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So many sweetness and flufiness, it's almost too much for my poor heart... X3

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Oh, my (nick)name's there. I feel so special >//u//<
I'm happy that you guys liked it and I hope to help more in near future! And thanks for the translation.

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Thank you!

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thank you for the release! this made my day!

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i love it so much thankyou

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Nanoha can be very funny, no matter the moment, always makes me laugh xD I love this manga, I do not care if it's perverted, it's very romantic. >w<

I can to look young, but I have a great mind. -w-

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Thank you so much for translating and sharing this with us!

I enjoyed it tremendously :3's picture
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thanks so much

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Always cute!