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A Cold Night’s Average Meal, An Incident on an Early Afternoon, and Special 06

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Hello everyone! Today we're sharing two manga releases made by Payapaya Scans and A Cold Night’s Average Meal by Daisuke Takino from Nanoha A la Carte, and An Incident on an Early Afternoon by Nekoutofu and Tsuzuki from VIVID LIFE Advance. Like A la Carte, VIVID LIFE is an official manga publication of not so serious stories (normally in the slice of life or comedy genre) made to accompany the bigger publications like Vivid.

For more information please check the original post on Payapaya Scans. We hope you enjoy the release!


A Cold Night’s Average Meal
An Incident on an Early Afternoon

EDIT: A short and cute 2 pages special from VIVID LIFE titled Special 06 got translated, credits go to /u/. No download link this time, you can see the images in our galleries:

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You know, after reding these two stories, I'm wondering how Vivio can keep her sanity. (^_^;)

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Here are a few more releases from Vivid Life and the direct DL for that 2 page special from /u/.
Payapaya Scans

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Thanks for your work AudioErotica! And sorry for the late reply, I just came back home moments ago. Posted your latest Nanoha released in our front page~

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"Dear diary,

everyone at the Nabe party was being excentric. I'm having serious doubts about marrying into this family."

And then the wedding was a Raising Heart wedding.