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Chocolate and Triangle

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Hello everyone! To start the year in a good mood we're bringing you our latest release from Hachikai: Chocolate and Triangle.

This is a short comedy doujin in 4-koma format, with eight strips about Nanoha and Fate during the Valentine's day, and the very inappropriate gift of the later one.

We hope you enjoy this release! Comments and feedback are appreciated as always.

Raws: 閃光家族大家長 ◄► Translator:JustMadman ◄► Proofreading: Divine Vengeance ◄► Editor: depression76


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Thank you guys!

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Joined: 02/05/2012
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Ah ah, great work, this one is really funny!
Fate-chan is such an honest kid about her feelings she turns out looking like a perv. XD
But they're both so cute, NANOFATE TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! ♥

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Fate can be so silly sometimes,but it's so cute. XD

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Hahaha, awesome Hayate is awesome XD And Fate-chan's tail~ *-*

Great job as always. Thank you so very much! :)

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