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Bara no Tsubomi no Okurimono Extra

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A small extra for the MekiMeki doujin Bara no Tsubomi no Okurimono got released today by /u/. Cleaning, typesetting, quality checking and translation by (a few) Anonymous.

This is a 9 pages long conclusion to the story told in Bara no Tsubomi no Okurimono with the usual MekiMeki humor, great art and some 4th wall breaking. It's recommended to read the first part before this extra.

We hope you enjoy the doujin!



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This translation was posted on /a/ years ago. Someone just reposted it on /u/ looking for someone to typeset it.

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Thanks for the info, just updated the post.

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This extra scene so cute and lovely. I felt the same way as Hayate that your friends have lovey-dovey life while on the other hand you don't have.

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