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Bara no Tsubomi no Okurimono

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Hello everyone! Today we are sharing Bara no Tsubomi no Okurimono, the last MekiMeki doujin mentioned on this previous post. It was released yesterday also by anonymous/anonscans.

This doujin is one of the old MekiMeki works from their Omnibus, it's a comedic and romantic story about Nanoha and Fate in their teens having some small relationship problems, you will see why. There was also an extra special ending (as part of the Omnibus I think?) that wasn't translated by anonymous, if you are interested you can check it here, it's very self explanatory.

You can check the original post on anonscans. We hope you enjoy the doujin!


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Poor Fate had a hard time pleasing Nanoha...

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Another amazing doujinshi of MekiMeki. Love it!

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Wonderful as always. However, the last few pages of the doujin haven't been included for some reason, which kind of bugs me.

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Hello, and welcome.
I tried to answer that question in the release post. To further expand into this here is the quote from the person that translated the doujin:

Anonymous wrote:
I actually did not do the special at the end because I kind of feel like it ruins the mood of the doujin. If your group wants to do it, be my quest.

I'm not sure if I agree or not, but I wouldn't mind seeing it translated too.

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Oh, I didn't realize. Thank you for explaining. I'll try to pay more attention.

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Another wonderful MekiMeki masterpiece! I do hope the ending special can be translated. It's true it differs a bit from the rest of the doujin, but I do really want to understand it.

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Poor Fate, but she really is just too cute.