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Al-Hazard V

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Hello everyone! This Saturday we're coming back with our first release after a couple of months: Al-Hazard V by ahAha.

This is the 26 pages long doujin continuing the confrontation of Nanoha and Precia in the Al-Hazard series. If you missed the previous part you can find it here.

We hope you enjoy this release! Feedback is appreciated as always. Special thanks to N3tt for helping us editing this doujin in the times of need.

Raws: ShiroAka ◄► Translation: ExcellionMaster ◄► Proofreading: Maleficarum ◄► Editing: N3tt


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Joined: 08/22/2009
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Why, why this always have to end in a cliffhanger, arghglll !!!!

I'm eagerly waiting for the next part.

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Thank you!

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The plot thickens even more...

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wow, thank you for translating this series.. it's great! can't wait for the next chapter ^^d

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thank you