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Sea of Chaos
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AGE: EternaL 19
OccupatioN: EternaL StudenT

HoBBIES: Playing Video Games but mostly RPGs and MMORPG, Reading FanFICTION at FF.NET and Drawing FanART at DeviantART also i really watching AniME!

MoVIES: Anything that Interest me but mostly i watch horror with action or action flick aslong the lead character is female (hey! i cant help that am a Femenist!) still i can tolerate male leads as long the movie is worth it!

SoNGs: i like Ballads, Jazz, Slow Rock and Folk Rock. am kinda a old fashion i really like old songs coz hear the passion of the singer and lyrics itself when i hear the song.

BooKs/NoVEL: i like sci-fi but the not the Space adventure and Aliens story but the Sci-fi medical type about mutation, evolution, cell and whatnot. i also like conpriracy theory type. i do not like mushy type but i like erotic ones _~

Video GaMES: i like i said earlier i like RPGs and Mind Twister games. i like it when i work hard to finish the game, i feel unsatify if i play games like fighting or any othere Arcade games but i can tolarate Mini Games.

Well that's all Folks if you want to ask anything just PM me and am happy to answer it if i can


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