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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

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Isn't it just me or am I the only person (at least, outside of Japan and couple of other Asian territories/countries) who likes StrikerS the best out of all of the entries in the Lyrical Nanoha franchise? I get why some people (even those in the Nanoha fandom itself) hate it though because the kind of story StrikerS tells isn't for everyone and the whole subplot involving Regius Gaiz really dragged the whole thing down at times but I still love it despite all of its flaws.
I also feel like the Nanoha franchise should've honestly ended there because the ending felt like it could've been a perfect conclusion to the entire series as a whole. The protagonists went their separate ways and have pursued (or are getting one step closer to) their life dreams/goals and all of the dilemmas they had have been solved in one way or another. How could you follow up an ending like that? Everything that takes place after StrikerS (except for ViVid Strike, I haven't listened to Sound Stage X yet) just feels rather unnecessary to me due to this reason alone.
I honestly hope that they announce a StrikerS movie during the two days of Lyrical Live. I just love that season so much.