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Happiness Maker

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Today we're sharing Happiness Maker, an Ameiro NanoFate doujin from 2015 that just got released yesterday by Vivid Translations.

This is a 18 pages long doujin about the Takamachi family talking about the things that entail having a family with two mothers when their daughter brings the subject up. This is a sweet story with cute art as it's distinctive from Ameiro.

Original post on Vivid Translations.



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A really sweet story. I like it.

I just think that, considering the male to female ratio we see in ViVid, two mothers might be bad because the human species is actually going extinct and not because people are assholes about it.

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They have the technology for lesbian couples to have children, so the species shouldn't go extinct even with no male population.

Anyways, the doujin is cute but makes more sense in the context of Earth's society, where (I think) we have less than 10% homosexuality ratio in our population, instead of like 80% from what we see on Mid.

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Of course, I forgot about magic. Makes sense I guess.

Still a nice story

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I like this one, Nanoha, Fate and Vivio are so adorable in this story. X3