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English Scanlations:

Non-stopping Train [MF] [SS] [FF] [ (later)]
The Future is an Open Book [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Love is a Battlefield? and Love is a Battlefield!! [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Fate T. Harlaown's "I Love You" [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Mahou Shoujo no SEASIDE STORY! [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Takamachi Household [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Al-Hazard V [MF] [SS] [FF] []
A Piece of my Wish [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Sleep my Dear [+18] [SS] [FF] []
The Place Where Happiness Is [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Kiss x Kiss x Kiss [MF] [SS] [FF] []
For You - For Our Happiness & Let Me Sleep Near You [MF] [SS] [FF] []
The Storm of a First Love & Nails Need to be Short to be Clean [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Al-Hazard IV [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Forever, Like This [MF] []
Al-Hazard III [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Innocent Dreamer [MF] [SS] [FF] []
First Night [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Fine Color Day (complete book) [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Tonight's the Night to Stay Up All Night - and also the Night for a Great Victory!! - [MF] [SS] [FF] []
For You [SS] [FF] []
Theatre Wings [SS] [FF] []
Loving You Too Much [SS] [FF] []
Chocolate and Triangle [SS] [FF] []
A Warm Place [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Winds Comes May [SS] [FF] []
Surely, More, Always [MF]
I want you!! [MF]
Half Asleep [SS] [FF] []
I Still Love U [SS] [FF] []
Happy Happy Wedding [SS] [FF][]
Fine Color Day [SS] [FF] []
At the End of the Year [SS] [FF] []
The Secret First Ticket [+18] [SS] [FF] []
The Reason Why We Are In Love [SS] [FF][]
Love Partner Like A Honey [+18] [SS] [FF] []
I♥Nanoha [SS] [FF] [NF,us]
Thermidor [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Sentimental Rhapsody [SS] [FF] []
Al-Hazard II [MF]
Under Current [SS] [FF] []
Love Pure [SS] [FF] []
Magical Girl's Sweet Love Panic [SS] [FF] []
Pieta [SS] [FF] []
Nonaggression [SS] [FF] []
Magical Mover [SS] [FF] []
Sleeping Beauty [SS] [FF] []
Fatal Fate [SS] [FF] []
About the Two of Them [SS] [FF] []
Teenage Dream Alright! [SS] [FF] []
Happy Cherry 2 [SS] [FF] []
Happy Cherry [SS] [FF] []
V Component & Takamachi Household Vol.3 [SS] [FF] []
Until I turn at that corner [SS] [FF] []
Shining Star & Sorry for Being so Sweet! [SS] [FF] []
refrain & Strawberry Time [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Yamibo's Nanoha Calendar []
Catastrophe Part II & Colorful Star Rendezvous [SS] [FF] []
Pray & Walking Tour [SS] [FF] [NF]
Catastrophe Part I & Shoujo wa sore wo gaman dekinai -rewrite- [SS] [FF] []
Over the Distance & Staying Up Late Tonight - and a Great Victory in the Bath [SS] [FF] []
Al-Hazard I [SS] [FF] []
Can We Talk About Love & Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Fanbook Album - asterisk story 1 [SS] [FF] []
I'm not a child! [SS] [FF] []
From Fingertip to Love [SS] [FF] []
Lyrical Nano! & The Proof of Love I Dedicate to You [SS] [FF] []
Perfect Holiday & Snow White []
Excitement Beach [FF] []
NanoFate Seasonal Pack: 4 new scanlations []
Nom []
Eight Melodies & June Bride ~The Second Ride~ []
Lovey-Dovey! []
The Secret of Magical Girls []
Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan is Love Love nano []
Baka Survivor Returns [MF]
Un*requited Love []
Lorely [+18] & MGLN A la Carte 1 SubaruTeana story 1 []
Independent Nation Hayate Kingdom []
Kissing Your Cheek []
The shape I want is a heart [+18] [FF] []
Fate-chan's Adolescence []
Retrospect & STEP WISE []
The Miracle of Being with You & Fate's Misunderstanding []
Growing Up!! []
Blazer []
June Bride []
Time of Love & HONEYxKISS []
Ashita no Mirai no Yakusoku wo []
I can't Stop!! []
You Are My... [MF] []
Baka Survivor []
The correct way of doing xxx-Education [FF] []
The Meaning of Us []
Magical Cooking []
Christmas Manga 2010 & Complaining About Christmas []
2nd Mother’s Day []
Choco Me Baby []
How to Eat Taiyaki & To Spin With You []
Baby! Baby! Baby! []
Dazzling Sun []
The Takamachi Family's Situation []
Fate-chan Feeling Bad []
Nano X Fe! [+18] [FF]
Love Countdown []
Happy Valentine's Day!! []
Magical Valentine Kiss []
Alter Ego [+18, Futanari] []
Hazukashii & Tomato Juice [+18] []
Naked Feels [+18] [FF] []
Sweet Fifteen []
Chase []
March of the Shining Stars []
To Say Nothing of the Dog! []
Sweet Sweet Time []
Kotatsu Are Made To Flirt []
Harmony []
Evening Rain []
Santa Sangre I [DD] []
Santa Sangre II [DD] []
Santa Sangre III [DD] []
Midoriya Rhapsody []
A Prince and Sweet... []
Santa Yagami []
Koi wo Shiyou []
Adult Fate and child Nanoha []
Sweetest Love [FF] []
Addicted to you [MF]
No Place Like Home [MF]
NanoFate Heart []
Fate-chan and Company []
Yappari Kimi ga Suki! []
Nanoha Raku manga []
Nanoha's Prince []
Second First Kiss []
Head over heels for Fate-chan 2 []
Lyrical Death Note [FF] []
The starless world []
Shoujo wa sore wo gaman dekinai [FF] []
Matsuri no yoru ni [FF] []
Head over heels for Fate-chan []
From now on... and Forever [FF] []
Hazukashikunai no ga Koi []
Sekai wa kagayaku []
Round and Round a World Filled with You [FF] []
Hito Ni Yasashiku [FF] []
Mangetsu no Yoru ni Hana [FF] []

(Everything from this point is in the MegaPack Volume 2)
Chu! []
Emerald Bell []
Becoming an adult, Fate-chan [FF] []
Nanohaan Strikers [FF] []
Fake jewel [FF] []
Sweet Home [FF][]
Thunder Bird [FF] []
The Same Feel [FF] []
Sleeping Butterfly [FF] []
Sky Colors []
Koiwa Mutekinano []
Spoonful []
Punyu Punyu [FF] []

(Everything from this point is in the MegaPack Volume 1)
Episode 8.5 []
Kiss []
LoveLoveLove []
Rocket guy’s fanbook [FF] []


Das Resultat sagt alles
Das Resultat sagt alles ~ Ich danke allen Leuten. ~ [+18]
The Legend of the Sword of the Day and the Sword of the Night


Nanoha x Fate MegaPack volume 2: “The Proof of Us” [FF] [MEGA] [Torrent]
NanoFate MegaPack Volume 1 [FF] [MEGA] [Torrent]
Important note: If you have problems extracting the zips, remove the Japanese characters from filename. The tracker hosting the torrents is down, but you can still download the files if you use a torrent client with DHT, like uTorrent or Azureus/Vuze.