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Downloads sorted by date (most recent releases listed first).
All downloads made by our translation group are listed in this page. Downloads from other groups made before September 2015 are only displayed in our front page, so you will have to check there if you don't want to miss anything. NanoFate releases made by other groups after September 2015 are all listed here and in our front page too.
If possible prefer the links so we can save bandwidth, our links should generally be slower too.

English Scanlations:

Master [MF] []
Fate-chan no Amai jouji [+18] [MF] []
Natsudoke [+18] [MF] []
Ein Reencounter [MF] []
Magical War Radical Fate - Chapter 4 [MF] []
Magical War Radical Fate - Chapter 2 & 3 [MF] []
Lyrical Present [MF] []
Vivio & Einhard First Experience [MF] []
Magical War Radical Fate - Chapter 1 [MF] []
Magical War Radical Fate - Prologue [MF] []
Every Day ☆ Happy Day [MF] []
Lovely Motion [+18] [MF] []
Theatre Wings -omnibus- [MF] []
Happy Merry Christmas! [MF] []
Ground Control [MF] []
Onee-chan to issho [MF] []
Otona no Jikan 2 [MF] []
Miracle! [MF] []
Secret Room Intense [+18] [MF] []
Play [MF] []
Watashi ga Umareta Hi [MF] []
Sweet Heat [MF] []
Transient Mermaid [+18] [MF] []
Jinsei wa Wan Tsuu Pan [+18] [MF] []
Halloween Magic [MF] []
Hand Bra [MF] []
When The Starry Night Comes [MF] []
Christmas song for you [MF] []
Konya wa Yofukashi [MF] []
Natsu no hi (Part 1 and 2) [MF] []
Flame Heart [MF] []
Date x Date [MF] []
ADULT TIME [+18] [MF] []
Machimachi Nanoha [MF] []
Aiwoawasete Lyrical Nanoha [MF] []
Life is Sweet (preview) [MF] []
The Fated Person [MF] []
Mahou Shitsumukan Mazorezu Fate Saimin Choukyou Vol.2 [+18] [MF] []
Mahou Shitsumukan Mazorezu Fate Saimin Choukyou [+18] [MF] []
Al-Hazard VI [MF] []
FatexFate! [MF] []
Fate-chan Fight! [MF] []
Fate's Short Time Travel [MF] []
The Beginning And After That. Chapter 1 [MF] []
Junketsu Dressage [+18] [MF] []
Hirusagari No Kyoudou Kan [+18] [MF] []
Hajimari no Uta [MF] []
Rock together.Live together [MF] []
Te wo Tsunaide Hoshii na [MF] []
gdgd Materials [MF] []
Fancy Baby Doll [+18] [MF] []
Gakusei Seikatsu [MF] []
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Kinenbi [MF] []
Kimi to Kizu to Bansoukou [MF] []
Where The Left Hand Is [MF] []
Starry Night [+18] [MF] []
Passion Error [+18] [MF] []
Takamachi-san-chi wa Kyou mo Yoru Fukashi [MF] []
Mangetsu no Yoru ni Hana ~ Tou [+18] [MF] []
Yoru ga Akeru Made [+18] [MF] []
Bara no Tsubomi no Okurimono Extra [MF] []
At The End of Spring [MF] []
Happiness Maker [MF] []
Recollections [MEGA] []
An Afternon With Bitter Cake [MF] []
Ichaicha wa Ouchi ni Kaettekara! [MF] []
NanoFate Floating in Passion... [+18] [MF] []
Owari Hajimeta Sekai no Hate ni [MF] []
Ichaicha wa Ouchi ni Kaettekara!! [MF] []
Baby Sweet Berry Love [MF] []
Snow White-Remake [+18] [DB] []
Smiling Back When You're Next to Me [MF] []
candy! [MF] []
cherry dream [MF] []
Schicksal [MF] []
The Sound of the Sea in the City [MF] []
The Mage's Holiday [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Sweet Dreams [+18] [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Valentine Kiss [MF] [SS] [FF] []
You are Like the Sun (Side N and F) [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Love-Filled Bouquet [MF] [SS] [FF] []
The Spell Which Makes Me Warm [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Non-stopping Train [MF] [SS] [FF] []
The Future is an Open Book [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Love is a Battlefield? and Love is a Battlefield!! [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Fate T. Harlaown's "I Love You" [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Mahou Shoujo no SEASIDE STORY! [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Takamachi Household [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Al-Hazard V [MF] [SS] [FF] []
A Piece of my Wish [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Sleep my Dear [+18] [SS] [FF] []
The Place Where Happiness Is [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Kiss x Kiss x Kiss [MF] [SS] [FF] []
For You - For Our Happiness & Let Me Sleep Near You [MF] [SS] [FF] []
The Storm of a First Love & Nails Need to be Short to be Clean [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Al-Hazard IV [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Forever, Like This [MF] []
Al-Hazard III [MF] [SS] [FF] []
Innocent Dreamer [MF] [SS] [FF] []
First Night [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Fine Color Day (complete book) [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Tonight's the Night to Stay Up All Night - and also the Night for a Great Victory!! - [MF] [SS] [FF] []
For You [SS] [FF] []
Theatre Wings [SS] [FF] []
Loving You Too Much [SS] [FF] []
Chocolate and Triangle [SS] [FF] []
A Warm Place [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Winds Comes May [SS] [FF] []
Surely, More, Always []
I want you!! []
Half Asleep [SS] [FF] []
I Still Love U [SS] [FF] []
Happy Happy Wedding [SS] [FF][]
Fine Color Day [SS] [FF] []
At the End of the Year [SS] [FF] []
The Secret First Ticket [+18] [SS] [FF] []
The Reason Why We Are In Love [SS] [FF][]
Love Partner Like A Honey [+18] [SS] [FF] []
I♥Nanoha [SS] [FF] [NF,us]
Thermidor [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Sentimental Rhapsody [SS] [FF] []
Al-Hazard II [MF]
Under Current [SS] [FF] []
Love Pure [SS] [FF] []
Magical Girl's Sweet Love Panic [SS] [FF] []
Pieta [SS] [FF] []
Nonaggression [SS] [FF] []
Magical Mover [SS] [FF] []
Sleeping Beauty [SS] [FF] []
Fatal Fate [SS] [FF] []
About the Two of Them [SS] [FF] []
Teenage Dream Alright! [SS] [FF] []
Happy Cherry 2 [SS] [FF] []
Happy Cherry [SS] [FF] []
V Component & Takamachi Household Vol.3 [SS] [FF] []
Until I turn at that corner [SS] [FF] []
Shining Star & Sorry for Being so Sweet! [SS] [FF] []
refrain & Strawberry Time [+18] [SS] [FF] []
Yamibo's Nanoha Calendar []
Catastrophe Part II & Colorful Star Rendezvous [SS] [FF] []
Pray & Walking Tour [SS] [FF] [NF]
Catastrophe Part I & Shoujo wa sore wo gaman dekinai -rewrite- [SS] [FF] []
Over the Distance & Staying Up Late Tonight - and a Great Victory in the Bath [SS] [FF] []
Al-Hazard I [SS] [FF] []
Can We Talk About Love & Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Fanbook Album - asterisk story 1 [SS] [FF] []
I'm not a child! [SS] [FF] []
From Fingertip to Love [SS] [FF] []
Lyrical Nano! & The Proof of Love I Dedicate to You [SS] [FF] []
Perfect Holiday & Snow White []
Excitement Beach [FF] []
NanoFate Seasonal Pack: 4 new scanlations []
Nom []
Eight Melodies & June Bride ~The Second Ride~ []
Lovey-Dovey! []
The Secret of Magical Girls []
Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan is Love Love nano []
Baka Survivor Returns [MF]
Un*requited Love []
Lorely [+18] & MGLN A la Carte 1 SubaruTeana story 1 []
Independent Nation Hayate Kingdom []
Kissing Your Cheek []
The shape I want is a heart [+18] [FF] []
Fate-chan's Adolescence []
Retrospect & STEP WISE []
The Miracle of Being with You & Fate's Misunderstanding []
Growing Up!! []
Blazer []
June Bride []
Time of Love & HONEYxKISS []
Ashita no Mirai no Yakusoku wo []
I can't Stop!! []
You Are My... [MF] []
Baka Survivor []
The correct way of doing xxx-Education [FF] []
The Meaning of Us []
Magical Cooking []
Christmas Manga 2010 & Complaining About Christmas []
2nd Mother’s Day []
Choco Me Baby []
How to Eat Taiyaki & To Spin With You []
Baby! Baby! Baby! []
Dazzling Sun []
The Takamachi Family's Situation []
Fate-chan Feeling Bad []
Nano X Fe! [+18] Love Countdown []
Happy Valentine's Day!! []
Magical Valentine Kiss []
Alter Ego [+18, Futanari] []
Hazukashii & Tomato Juice [+18] []
Naked Feels [+18] [FF] []
Sweet Fifteen []
Chase []
March of the Shining Stars []
To Say Nothing of the Dog! []
Sweet Sweet Time []
Kotatsu Are Made To Flirt []
Harmony []
Evening Rain []
Santa Sangre I [DD] []
Santa Sangre II [DD] []
Santa Sangre III [DD] []
Midoriya Rhapsody []
A Prince and Sweet... []
Santa Yagami []
Koi wo Shiyou []
Adult Fate and child Nanoha []
Sweetest Love [FF] []
Addicted to you [MF]
No Place Like Home [MF]
NanoFate Heart []
Fate-chan and Company []
Yappari Kimi ga Suki! []
Nanoha Raku manga []
Nanoha's Prince []
Second First Kiss []
Head over heels for Fate-chan 2 []
Lyrical Death Note [FF] []
The starless world []
Shoujo wa sore wo gaman dekinai [FF] []
Matsuri no yoru ni [FF] []
Head over heels for Fate-chan []
From now on... and Forever [FF] []
Hazukashikunai no ga Koi []
Sekai wa kagayaku []
Spoonful 2 []
Round and Round a World Filled with You [FF] []
Hito Ni Yasashiku [FF] []
Mangetsu no Yoru ni Hana [FF] []

(Everything from this point is in the MegaPack Volume 2)
Chu! []
Emerald Bell []
Becoming an adult, Fate-chan [FF] []
Nanohaan Strikers [FF] []
Fake jewel [FF] []
Sweet Home [FF][]
Thunder Bird [FF] []
The Same Feel [FF] []
Sleeping Butterfly [FF] []
Sky Colors []
Koiwa Mutekinano []
Spoonful []
Punyu Punyu [FF] []

(Everything from this point is in the MegaPack Volume 1)
Episode 8.5 []
Kiss []
LoveLoveLove []
Rocket guy’s fanbook [FF] []


Das Resultat sagt alles
Das Resultat sagt alles ~ Ich danke allen Leuten. ~ [+18]
The Legend of the Sword of the Day and the Sword of the Night


Nanoha x Fate MegaPack volume 2: “The Proof of Us” [MEGA]
NanoFate MegaPack Volume 1 [MEGA]
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